[Developer Products] Variable Price?

Some users like myself would like to simply provide a developer product input for a certain amount of robux/tix (depending on the value of items) without having to create dozens of developer products.

Would a feature allowing developers to input a custom integer price be a possibility?


Would like this too, I wanted to do discounts on game passes, dev products which is hassling to do when the price could just be variable.

I want to make a TF2-like shop where players will add items to their cart and buy them all at once, and then get bonus stuff for spending a ton of money. This would be great for that. Though I would prefer a way to create a new developer product from the server, that way it would have a custom name, description, and image.

There should be two extra parameters on PromptPurchase and PromptProductPurchase. The first would be robux, the second tickets. If the place creator is also the creator of the asset then this would allow them to sell items for any price they wish. This will fit what you want to do as well as allow place creators to offer game merch for free if somebody has earned an achievement in-game. Things like this.

This is a pretty easy fix. Robux go to yourbux, yourbux costs are easily changed by you with stuff like HTTPService.

This also gives opportunity for things like coupon codes. Redeem it and you get like 25% off all of your purchases in ROBUX.

Still kinda works with a custom currency.

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Still kinda works with a custom currency.[/quote]

Dude, nice avi.

I’m working on a way to do this via PHP, but I keep getting Access-Control-Allow-Origin errors. Got the link that I need to send a POST to and all the parameters, but can’t figure out a way around this header error :frowning:

This would be really useful for making donate buttons on showcases. We would only have to make one button instead of five because the player could choose how much they would like to donate. It may also make people more likely to donate.