Dynamic Developer Products

I am not entirely sure if this has been spoken about before - I didn’t find any threads relating to it. I’m also not sure if this is the right category, or if it should be placed in Web Features.

But basically, my suggestion would be to allow dynamic products, if they’re set to be dynamic in the game’s settings. This would allow players, say, in an in-game market place to sell their items for Robux, Roblox getting the usual fee of 30% or 90% depending on if they’re an upgraded member or not, and then the developer could get around 30-40% of whatever is left over after Roblox’s cut.

Another use case for this could be to avoid having to create multiple Developer Products for a game, and you could instead have one - sort of like a single RemoteEvent handling everything. The prices for said items would of course be checked on the Server, and the price would change depending on which item the player selected.


And many, many more.


I wasn’t aware of these.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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