Developer Products with no price set remain offsale forever

Reproduction Steps
From any place, attempt to create a Developer Product from the Configure Place page:

  1. Open up the Configure Place page
  2. Go to the Developer Products tab on the left
  3. Click on Create New
  4. Input a name (do not set a price)
  5. Click on Create

The Developer Product will be created without any price. If you attempt to query it via MarketplaceService:GetProductInfo or via the Marketplace API endpoints, the product will be listed as not for sale. Even if you go back and edit the price (both website and in-game), it will not go on sale.

Expected Behavior
The website should either prevent the creation of the developer product or default it to 1 Robux like the in-game UI does.

Actual Behavior
The website does not validate that a price is inputted and seems to interpret this as an off-sale product. Even if a price is set afterwards, the product remains off-sale.

No. I am forced to create a new developer product.

Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL:{place_id}/update
Impact: Low
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2022-02-16 00:02:00 (-05:00)


I ran into this with the development of my new game, it was a headache for a while, I was checking all my code making sure it was similar to my past projects that worked. I ended up creating a new dev product and renaming this one “broke”


This has been happening for almost a year :anguished:

My best guess is they made some API changes in favor of editing products in studio, but messed up website creation in the process… Ever since I ran into this myself I’ve been making dev products in studio because doing it on the website feels unsafe


I also ran into this issue when I was making my game. I hope that they fix this as I had to make a new dev product to actually put it into my game. Which is VERY annoying


Didn’t see that when I was searching! Although there appears to be a regression, since setting the price in-game does not seem to fix it anymore.

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can confirm, this happens to me too!! i sat for hours figuring out what i did wrong and ended up making a tshirt instead.

Thanks for the report! We are investigating the issue.


This issue under a year ago could be a different issue, since that bug caused some necessary information such as AssetTypeId to return as nil or 0 when using GetProductInfo on such ‘corrupted’ products iirc.

Example response of GetProductInfo at the time:

Hi yall, this should be fixed now.
Thanks for your patience & please let us know if issue is still occurring!


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