Developer Spotlight: Meet Alvinblox

If you’ve spent any time on the Developer Forum, or searching through YouTube for Roblox tutorials, you’ve probably stumbled upon @AlvinBloxx! With 76,000 subscribers (and counting), AlvinBlox has become notorious for his scripting tutorials, covering beginner scripting all the way through adding shops and animations in your game.

But what is the story behind this developer? How did he get started on Roblox? We had a chance to chat with AlvinBlox and find out.

AlvinBlox has been on Roblox since 2011, finding his way to Studio after playing Roblox games and wanting to see how they were created. Once he began playing in Studio instead of in games, he started researching tutorials from other developers, like Peaspod, and began digging into forums like ScriptingHelpers. From there, AlvinBlox began working his way up to master scripter!

When asked for a few words of advice, AlvinBlox recalled a quote from @Widgeon: ““You click the same upload button that I do, anything is possible if you work hard enough towards it”. Don’t be afraid of asking people for help, everyone was new to development once."


AlvinBlox is currently working with @Neutre on a new city-styled game that should release late this year, or possibly early next year (2019). To follow his progress, check out his Twitter and Roblox pages!


Thank you very much for the spotlight and featuring my upcoming game at the top! :eyes: :smile: I appreciate it!


Nice to see more creators being features more often. Thank you for being helpful to the developer community Alvin, I know I’ve referred to your tutorials sometimes :eyes:


Great work with a personality you can’t help but call charming. You’ve come a long way and there’s still a large path to be taken. Good luck with your future projects and thank you for being a help to developers across Roblox.




Couldn’t these spotlights go more in-depth rather than just a short paragraph? Even something as simple as asking the developers half a dozen questions about their speciality and their journey to where they are now would be very intriguing. I’m sure most developers already knew who Alvinbloxx was especially if they frequent the forum or Twitter :confused:


I agree; I just click on these to get rid of the notification (because these belong in the same category as important updates and announcements)


It’s not like this is exposure or anything either. We’re developers and this can still be considered a relatively small community.


Congratulations, really proud of how far @alvinbloxx has come and really want to see him surpass 100,000+ subscribers


100k by Christmas, let’s make it happen!


Awesome spotlight. This is actually very inspiring.


This guy has definitely helped a lot in my journey kudos to him !


alvinblox helped me learn the basic’s of scripting and many other people so he deserves the spotlight


I’m sure @alvin_blox has inspired all of us into game developing. Excellent spotlight, can’t wait for the game he is making.


Loves his videos! He taught me a lot about scripting! He deserves to be t-series but without the hate, even better he is in the star program! Congratulations alvin_blox!


I am glad to see that roblox is not ignoring alvinbloxx. I always wondered… Did roblox even care that alvinbloxx is teaching scripting, or did they know… Or did they even mention him in one of their posts, But FINNALLY!!! Roblox is mentioning him and spreading the word. I am a big fan of Alvin, and I can’t wait for his game to come out!

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For a lot of the negative opinions I’ve heard about Alvinblox over the last year or two, I honestly have to give him some credit for teaching concepts instead of flat out telling you how to do extremely specific things. It really helps to know how to do generic things (ex. knowing how to use CFrames instead of knowing how to use CFrames only to make a vehicle move or something). In my opinion, that’s the best way to learn.


They were aware of his contributions, as shown by the fact that he is a ‘video star’.


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