Developer Spotlight: Meet TheAmazeman

You might’ve seen TheAmazeman around on the Developer Forum! TheAmazeman has been on the Roblox platform for 10 years, and has a passion for Titanic games. He’s recently finished an update to his game, Titanic, and also is working on Comedy Club.

TheAmazeman first started tinkering with Roblox in 2008, when he discovered the Roblox physics engine. His first goal was clear: create stuff, then destroy it. He went on to build a city and destroy them with natural disasters; create boats then sink them. This is how Titanic was born.

TheAmazeman met Inyo22 in 2011 through Roblox messaging. From 2011 to 2014, Inyo22 built three Titanic ship models in Roblox, each getting more and more detailed. There were too many parts to sink with the physics- based sinking method that TheAmazeman said he used at the time. TheAmazeman decided to practice and improve his programming and organization abilities while @Inyo22 also focused on improved his building skills. Finally, in 2015 they had a smooth method to sink significantly larger amounts of parts with less lag. Following his collaboration with Inyo22, the pair ended up adding a third team member: talented showcase builder, @Mistertitanic44, who added an incredibly detailed grand staircase to Roblox Titanic.

TheAmazeman credited Belzebass for making his developing life easier: “Before @Belzebass was programming for Vehicle Simulator, I bought a data store module from Belzebass which takes the headache out of worrying about data saving each game I make!”

While the community has many great characteristics, TheAmazeman specifically appreciates how supportive and collaborative the community is! He enjoys the freedom to share development techniques, debate theories and tutorial sharing.


TheAmazeman is currently working on a programming project with Endlessfun to create “Comedy Club”. You can keep up with TheAmazeman via Twitter or check his Roblox profile!


Very knowledgeable on scripting, finances, and organization; all makes for a great team manager


Likewise what mister said, he’s the one who got our Dev careers off the ground.


I’ve followed Amazeman for many years (less frequently than before though) based on a game he created, which forms a good chunk of my enjoyable childhood - “Survive the End of Roblox” (I believe it was?). His recent work on the platform, both in and out of Studio, is something to be noted as well. A spotlight well deserved. Good job Amazeman, keep being awesome. :+1:


Was looking at that thumbnail posted, and was ??? how on earth is this not even lagging, what with transparent water. Then I remembered that this is TheAmazeman, he sprinkles magic with his fingers on his roblox games. Love his cooperation on the devforum, this guy leaks motivation. :heart: :fire:


The real magic is the combination of inyo and misters’ optimized blender meshs with the sinking method which is less strain on Roblox physics than any other known sinking method


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