Roblox Titanic Credits

Game Link: Roblox Titanic - Roblox

Game Programming :memo: - TheAmazeman
*Game loop
*Titanic sinking animation, cracking system
*Event timing
*Elevator system
*Rudder system
*Many other movement systems
*Teleport system
*Gamepass scripting
*Main GUI scripting
*Gear scripting
*Rigging effects
*Lighting effects
*Limited time Weyes Blood music event scripted and organized
*Daily gear deals front end
*Save the Ship, New York City Arrival Sequence
*Carpathia New York City Docking Sequence
*Glitch fixes

3D modeling and texturing :hammer_and_wrench: - InYo22
*Titanic exterior modeler
*Hull modeling
*Boiler room 6, storage compartments
*3rd Class open space
*Anchor room
*Lobby building
*Finder of freesounds, mixer or recorder for iceberg hitting, and various ship groans.
*Gear modeling and texturing
*New York City Island and a few buildings
*Chelsea Piers project management, building, and placement

3D modeling and texturing :hammer_and_wrench: - Mistertitanic44
*Grand stair case
*Scotland road
*2nd class staircase
*Crew quarters
*Rigging setup
*Lighting setup
*Limited time Weyes Blood music event built
*New York City Pier 59 dock detailing

Music :musical_note: - Phalack
*Save the ship
*Beginning of round,
*Iceberg Right ahead!,
*3 renditions of Near My God To Thee (3rd on the violin gear),
*Cracking sequence,
*Final plunge,
*End of round
*Violin gear music

Programmer :memo: - Progatician (Prev Known as Sezess)
*Ropes staying once lifeboats launched
*Splashes when funnels fall and stern collapsing
*Daily gear deals backend
*Oar paddling
*Proximity prompt implementation
*Glitch fixes

Programmer :memo: - VulpesV
*Modern sinking theory researched and improved
*Pocketwatch timing improved
*Carpathia Docking Sequence atmosphere effects and rain sound via

GFX :art: - ThreeLivesTaken
*GUI images and icons
*Gamepass outlines
*Badge outlines
*Custom gear icons

VVG Contributors - Centeurix, BritannicEnthusiast, RoyalConstructor:
*Building majority of New York City buildings

Realistic Carpathia Controls - Inctus

Chelsea Piers façade for pier 59 and pier 54 - II_Lion801 (Aka titanicmaniac12)

Trailer :video_camera: - MrGillett
*Various sound effects - ship groans

VVG Website design -Ristone3

Datastore functionality via privatized module by Belzebass
“I bought a data store module from Belzebass which takes the headache out of worrying about data saving each game I make!”

Game thumbnail and Icon - Zyleth

Movie maker camera shake functionality (Press B) via module by sleitnick

Draggable GUI Code (Implemented by Amaze to work with Movie Maker, Private Server Sliders)

Rank Group Members in-game: Consulted with @TheScriptBlox

Swimming system method via game deal between VVG and Deep Blue Subnautical Adventure - TheSimplePixel

Ragdoll System - ContextLost

Voice Acting - Maxwell Bentley
“Iceberg Right Ahead!”

First Class Clothing morphs - KelseyAnna
Second Class, Third Class, Coal Worker Clothing morphs - B_ecs

Crew and Captain clothing morphs - Trevthom

Statue of Liberty in Save the Ship game mode: Inyo22 purchased from 3dSeller (Off Roblox)

Other VVG game credits:

These are the official game credits. They are linked directly from the game’s detail page.