Devforum links are moderated

Reproduction Steps
Currently, as of 11/25/21, links to the developer forums are moderated. This makes it impossible to provide links to changelogs, attributions, and more in a game’s description. It makes the point of the bulletin board somewhat moot.

How to reproduce:

  1. Edit a game’s description in studio & attempt to add a link to a post on the bulletin board, here on the devforums.
  2. Observe that the settings failed to save, due to the description being moderated:

Expected Behavior
It is expected that links to Roblox’s developer forums are not moderated.

Actual Behavior
Links to Roblox’s developer forums are moderated.


Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL: All
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly


I can confirm this issue. When editing the game page from studio, devforum links are moderated.

You can add them from the website, and it should work.


Actually, this is not true. Simply trying to change a description to only a link to a bulletin devforum post will get you this on the website. This has been happening for at least a week now:

EDIT: I looked into it a bit more and it seems the filter doesn’t like hyphens in links because this works:

but this does not:


I tried to share my portfolio on my Roblox profile once and it didn’t work, simple fix for this though!

Instead of this:

Remove the URL slug (section that contains the title of your post) and then it should work fine. The link is still fully functional since the post ID is still included in the link.

Looks a little something like this:

Still pretty frustrating, though. Roblox should look into this problem, still.

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Roblox likely picks up the post title in the url as something that should be moderated and counts the whole link as moderated.

Just use - instead of the post title, for example:
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No need for any slug at all, just use /t/123 syntax as the post above yours.


Just remove the dashes/hyphens from your devforum link, and it should work.

You can even remove the whole section where it has the name in the link.

This is an example of a DevForum link that will not get moderated:
https ://

No dashes/hyphens in it.

i agree to this, remove the text in the link and it should not be moderated.