DevForum Plus - A Cleaner, More Customizable Forum

Don’t worry, You can enable the “Custom Font” setting and change the font to Gotham.

Added New Showcase Video + Screenshots!

I’m wondering, what else would you like to see added to DevForum Plus? also, i’m thinking of making Roblox Plus, though, it wont have color customization as that would be way too much time, and i’ll likely be removing Privacy Mode in the next update, as i don’t really see it as a useful option.

(Formerly ihatespiders61) Its hard to say what you could add because it does get to a point where theres a bit too much customisation. On the roblox+ idea (which might need a different name due to an extension named that) I definitely think that could be pretty cool.

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Yeah, your right, i could instead name it “Roblox: Extended”

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Good news! Roblox: Extended is now in it’s development phase, i’ll most likely in up releasing it in it’s testing to get early feedback on the features, i’ll also make a bulletin board detailing things i’ve changed, i’ll simultaneously be working on it and my FPS game, Run N’ Gun.


Can you make the “Report Bug” button have a spacing between “New Topic” and “Report Bug”?

Here it is without DevForum Plus:

and here it is with DevForum Plus:

I don’t know if you are able to fix it since It’s impossible to tell if someone is in the @AllowBugReports group, but I might fork the style and add the spacing for the “Report Bug” button

I think i can try spacing the “new topic” button, and that should fix it.

I I think I may have found a bug by clicking/tapping on the groups button when in the Activity Section. The mentions text peeks through. It also occurs if it displays users in the group. Group permissions also peek through if there are any.


Shouldn’t be too hard to fix, i’ll update soon

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The bug button is an issue. The padding isn’t correct and so it keeps forging into the New Topic button. Not sure if you’re in the @AllowBugReports group, so I’ll just send the HTML code of the button.

HTML code of Bug Report button
<div id="ember462" class="before-create-topic-button-outlet bug-report-button-rbx-entrypoint ember-view"><div id="bug_report_button_rbx"><button class="MuiButtonBase-root MuiButton-root MuiButton-contained MuiButton-containedPrimary MuiButton-sizeMedium MuiButton-containedSizeMedium MuiButton-root MuiButton-contained MuiButton-containedPrimary MuiButton-sizeMedium MuiButton-containedSizeMedium jss1 css-c5cyyi-Typography-buttonMedium-Button-contained-Typography-button-Typography-buttonMedium-Button-contained" tabindex="0" type="button">Report Bug<span class="MuiTouchRipple-root css-w0pj6f"></span></button></div>

<script src="" crossorigin="anonymous" type="text/javascript"></script>


Thanks, as i wasn’t sure how to get the selector for it.

Looks nice. I’d recommend uploading it to too so people can use it everywhere (DM me if you need help or your topic made)

Ok, thanks, i was actually wondering if there was a way i could do that.

Just upload it to GitHub and request to join

Is there anyway to get this on Safari?
Stylus isn’t on Safari’s extension store, however is there an extension that does similar stuff?

Agreed. Us Mac Pro users shouldn’t have to give up secure, private, and quick browsing just for a theme. Safari support is essential to continuing this theme. Cheers!

At the moment i don’t know of a way to get it on safari sadly, but hopefully support will be possible in the future.

I discovered new and… It’s very very cool. Thanks!
also interactive buttons very well-made

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Thanks, glad you like it. (Charlimit)