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Stylish steals all of your browser info, why do people still use that thing…


It’s not centred.

Yeah, this must be due to a new devforum update, they modified the topbar some.

when will you fix this issue? aaaa

DevForum+ is buggy because Roblox updated the website, is there any chance to fix this?

Yeah, currently working on fixing this.

This Should Be Fixed Now! (charlimit)

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I’ve Made The Topbar Nicer Now!

i still have a issue

This should be fixed now. (charlimit)

add dlc to remove the new creator hub topbar and add the old devforum logo with the animation instead of the new boring “forums” one

Just released a update to do hide it actually! and ok i’ll work on adding that too.

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i mean like, don’t make it a part of the plugin in case some people want it, cuz I know people that use talent hub, make it separate here

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well, it’s actually a setting in the css itself.

ohhhh that’s cool, i’m changing that as soon as possible ty
would it be possible to add custom fonts or nah?

custom fonts should work in the css settings too (i think it’s based on the fonts you have on your system), just check the “Custom Font” setting and type in your font in the “Font” input box.

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:skull: wait i need to stop talking right now I just realized where the settings even were sorry
but ty anyway

nah, it’s fine, glad i could help!

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IDK why but my search bar is bugged in other topics, will this be fixed soon?

You Seem To Be Using A Outdated Version Of The CSS, Re-Installing Should Fix This.

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