DevForum Plus - A Cleaner, More Customizable Forum

Thanks, I was on a decently old version, on a second note, the DevForum Plus in the top left is line broken and it looks a little weird.

It seems to be shifting because when you scroll down, the title appears.

No Problem, i think if you click the gear icon at the bottom right of stylus’s extension menu and set the auto update time to 1 hour you’ll get updates for DevForum Plus faster, and yeah, i’ll just make it’s width bigger so it won’t glitch like that.

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Ok, this issue should be fixed now.

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It’s completely fixed for me! Are you planning to add the little hover animation to the devforum button in the future?

Yeah, i can do that soon actually.

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I’m still having the same issue.

I think this may only be a microsoft edge issue, nevertheless, i have updated the css, so hopefully this fixes this issue.

im using firefox bluh bluh

Oh ok, is it fixed now? charlimit

Yeah, it is, but doesn’t look centred.

I’ll try to see if i can center this soon

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That bug seems to affect Firefox too; The DevForum Plus text is going off the left side of the screen for me too.

If I zoom out a bit, it can fit, but post text is smaller than I would like at this size.

I went to Stylus’s style list and made sure DevForum+ was updated, and it is, since it lets me hide the new top bar (a good new setting).

I’m using Firefox too

Updating it from the list doesn’t always work because it checks the version number, not the code. Try reinstalling it. DevForum+ —

Okay. I just reinstalled the style and you’re right, that fixed the bug for me. :happy1:

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Ok, i will try some ways to fix this issue, really annoying Roblox doesn’t already have them spaced out as it looks too cluttered atm. (Just realized your second comment, still though, roblox should have already handled this.)

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Looks great! great Ui and easy to use

Thanks! DevStyle Was Even One Of The Inspiration For DevForum Plus!

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Also, i’ve added a new setting to make the topbar smaller, it’s called “Minimize Topbar”


i have the same error bluh bluh

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