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Ugh, this topbar is really wonky, and could you send me the css selector for the “Report Bug” button? as i haven’t been able to access it.

Same issue rip


  • html
<button class="MuiButtonBase-root MuiButton-root MuiButton-contained MuiButton-containedPrimary MuiButton-sizeMedium MuiButton-containedSizeMedium MuiButton-root MuiButton-contained MuiButton-containedPrimary MuiButton-sizeMedium MuiButton-containedSizeMedium jss23 css-141dbz5-Typography-buttonMedium-Button-contained-Typography-button-Typography-buttonMedium-Button-contained" tabindex="0" type="button">Report Bug<span class="MuiTouchRipple-root css-w0pj6f"></span></button>
  • css selector

You can use

 .navigation-controls button {
        margin-right: 10px; 

Alright thanks! Finally i can fix that annonying bug.

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just released v3.2.3! hopefully this fixes the “Report Bug” button, and the wonky topbar!

might just be devforum condensed

this is the report button with devforum condensed off

Ok, i’ll try to fix that button again, and what browser are you using? It looks fine for me on chrome last night.

I was using chrome, and also devforum condensed with the compatibility settings

Does turning it off fix the topbar?

Yes, turning it off fixes the topbar.

Hmm, the topbar seems to break on the devstyle CSS too

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Devforum+ seems to be bugged out on mobile…
(Browser: Kiwi Browser)

seems i didn’t pay attention to support for mobile users, i’ll make that my goal for the next update!

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seems a new devforum update broke the topbar once again :skull: gonna try and make release a patch whenever i can.

Ok, the topbar should be fixed now, seems roblox added back the little studio icon when u scroll down to it

i dont know if this is intentional but this icon only appears when scrolled down a post, no where else

when anywhere else:

(i cant click anything to go back to the main page when it is like this)

Yeah, i changed this due to a new topbar update, didn’t it disables the main page from being accessible, i see if i can fix it soon.

Currently restructuring the code and slightly revamping DevForum Plus, and I’m thinking about changing the name to “DevForum Creative” but only if enough people like the name change.
How would you guys feel about a integrated creator hub header? (I’ll still keep the option to remove it, sorry for the bad quality :frowning: ) you can try so far it here: DevForum Creative (W.I.P.) (it’s in pretty early development atm.)

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Sheesh- Makes it look alot less bland and more dynamic than the normal topbar already, makes me want to actually use it shockingly. Is it fully compatible with devforum plus just for the topbar rn?

unfortunately, with how DevForum Plus was coded, i can’t implement right now, which is kind of a problem i’ve been having recently with coding it, DevForum Creative (i can change it back to DevForum Plus though) aims to be a cleaner version of DevForum Plus, making it easier to implement future UI elements.

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