DevForum Plus - A Cleaner, More Customizable Forum

DevForum Creative v1.0.1:

( i’ll be posting update logs here until DevForum Creative Gets Enough Updates To Warrant It’s Own Post. )

modification log:

combo box header (category sort dropdowns)
nav pills (topic sort buttons)
“new topic” button
notification type selector

So is DevForum Plus development currently halted in favor of DevForum Creative right now?

devforum creative is pretty much recoded devforum plus from what i heard

DevForum Plus’s Development Has Been Halted Indefinitely, As The Code Is Too Cluttered To Add Any New Features.

@TimeFrenzied Is Right, DevForum Creative Is Essentially A Re-Structured Version Of DevForum Plus, Built Almost Entirely From Scratch, DevForum Creative Attempts To More Comfortably Incorporate New Additions To The DevForum Into A More Seamless Feel, While Adding Nice Flair And Style That DevForum Plus Couldn’t Have.

TL;DR: While DevForum Plus Is A Redesign Of Sorts, DevForum Creative Is The Base DevForum With QOL Additiions, While Still Retaining Features Found In DevFroum Plus.


Are you going to bring back the Roblox Dark theme and others from halted devforum plus? I really liked how alive and fluent those themes were.


Yes, definitely, i’ve see if i can find a way to detect which theme is enabled, and apply the correct colors, but if not, i’ll just make it a dropdown, i may even add custom themes, font customization will be making a cleaner comeback too.

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DevForum Creative 1.1.0

Modification List:

  • btn flats (search, menu, and profile respectively.)
  • alert (“See - New Or Updated Topics”)
  • topic panels
  • badge notification (how many unread replies are in a post.)
  • topic list item separator (“last visit”)
  • category badges
  • small reply button
  • topic title
  • topic PFP
  • extra info wrapper (Topic Title, Current Catagory, And Tags.)
  • tags

Hello, I’m not sure if this “extension” is still supported or not, but it’d be great if you could fix this bug.

The search bar extends indefinitely when on top of the page. (I’ve tried reinstalling, it doesn’t seem to be a problem on my side)

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Yea, the new DevForum update kinda broke DevForum Plus, so i’ve unfortunately had to stop development of it indefintely, as the code structure is too messy, to fix this, i’ve been working on a new CSS called “DevForum Creative”, here’s the post announcing it. the reason for making a whole new one is that DevForum Plus is more of a redesign whether DevForum Creative is more of a repaint, while still having lots of customization.

So, development on DevForum Creative has been going smoothly, but besides the features already in DevForum Plus, what other features should be added in a future DevForum Creative update?

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