DevLog#2: Dialog System + finished model! | Ro-Nui DevLog Series

So In my last devlog (here), I Made some models for RNOG (Ro-Nui Online game) and did a basic movement system. Today I will be working on finishing the models, and making a dialog system.

  1. Modeling PART2
    I am not a modeler, but the tohunga came out amazing. Also, in my last devlog, I said I made Hahli, but I actually made Macku, I accidently used the wrong name sorry.
    Back to the log!
    After finishing my basic foot design, I first tried to use a triangle plugin to make the foot, it failed pretty bad. So I was stuck, what do I do? Then, I thought with my last 2 braincells, what if I base it off the actual foot from the set? So I did. But then, half way through, It looked kind of bad. So, I decided to add a little bit of creativity, and 30 minutes later, I had this!
    Screenshot 2021-05-28 191532
    I spammed ctrl + s so fast that it lagged.
    Now, you might be wondering, if I can get this model. The answer is no.

  2. FAQ / QNA :eyes:
    Some might be wondering if they can work on the project, my answer is for free, I’m broke sorry, but if you have questions leave then down below in the comments.

  3. Water break :potable_water: :

  4. Dialog System.
    If you didn’t know, MNOG (Mata-Nui Online game) has a dialog system to talk to Tohunga. I wanted the game to feel like roblox, (totally not because im lazy :eyes:)
    so I decided to use the roblox dialog system. If you want more details about the process, please look at this topic. I first looked at a tutorial on making gui appear when you activate a dialog, because my plan was to make a text button with modal appear so you can move your mouse in first person. The problem is, every tutorial shows how to make the stuff appear once you reply to the initial prompt, but in first person, that is impossible. So I made a topic on the devforums. Fast forwards a few hours, and I got it to work decently.

  5. Testing it out!
    Now that it works, time to check it out :sunglasses:
    I made a little course simulating the starting place of MNOG, and it works very well!


Thank you guys for your support on this project, thank you all!

Not many people will understand this, but if you made it to the end of the log, I at least hope that you have an idea of what I am trying to make, If you don’t, search up videos of Mata Nui Online Game, but If you understood everything to the end, please consider liking this topic, I have been working incredibly hard on this project.

If you know Bionicle lore like me, and you have some ideas, (like bohrok :eyes:, MNOG2, or even MNOG3) please comment this down below!

-Becon / Babybunnyiscute19