Update on my recent game Ro-Nui!

So a while ago, I made RNOG, or Ro-Nui online game, based off of the lego bionicle game, Mata Nui online game, and I made a dev log series of the assets and code,

which you can check them out here:

Game link:



The game is about, of course, bionicle, so you should probably catch up on 2001 bionicle lore, it takes like 5-15 minutes. The game has very weird movement, instead of a 3D fast pace fighting game or something, it’s a super janky odd 3D click-to-move walking system, that makes the game feel like mnog a lot more. This game will be released in programs/chapters, and I am currently on chapter 1, Ta-Wahi, / spawning area. there is very little to do but it is a start, once I work on cutscenes, and GUI, I’ll probably work on chapter 2, Ta-Koro, but it’s going to take a while to do those stuff, and also making the game not laggy will be a challenge.

Feedback on the game, such as bugs/glitches, modeling, ideas, and stuff I left out or forgot about, anything would be amazing, so I’d love if you just played the game and checked everything out and comment a bit, these topics have been so obscure that only one person other than me has actually played the game, so please just play a bit.