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About Me

  • Hey! my name is Sam and I’m a 3D artist generalist
New work(2021-2022

Minion Simulator

2D UGC Concepts

3D UGC Concepts



Bloop Ville


Bloop Ville


Bloop Ville

Fan Arts

Old work(2020)

Environmental Art


I’m able to work up to 6-8 hours daily.You can contact me any time.Don’t spam me in dm’s pls. :))


Prices are negotiable,depends the complexity of the tasks.I accept both robux and USD(via PayPal) payment methods.


  • Discord: - DEV_Sam #7438
  • Tiwtter: - @Dev_Sam20

This is some great stuff as always and excited to see what’s coming next!


2022: I can vouch for him, one of the most talented and hard working developer ive met on roblox, deffinently would recommend working with him.


Your guns have really good textures, are you good at making textures?


Yeah those textures was made by me,still learning substance painter but i’d say those looks pretty good so i am proud of me

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Are you open to being hired as a texture artist?


Hmm maybe add me on disc so we can talk more about that subject :smiley:

Sent request, add me (TheVeryHiddenDev#5726)

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Amazing as always! Cant wait to see what you have next.

These are amazing models! I am currently in the process of hiring a molder, and I am very close to hiring you. These models are very detailed, and done with great effort and quality. I’ll most likely be paying a monthly salary later on in the development process. But, i’ll most likely hire you. Keep up the great work!

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Thank you very much for the appreciation,who knows maybe we’ll work together one day :smiley:

Hello! I love your work! I’ve tried contacting you before multiple times but couldn’t. Could you add me on Discord so we can discuss in DM’s about the commission? My username and tag is: Nameless_1234#2545. Hopefully, we can agree on a deal haha.

Your Twitter messages are turned off, and Discord does not work.

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Both work,my twitter messages aren’t off lol,also if i don’t add or answer you that means i am busy as i said in the portfolio :sweat_smile:

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Apologize. Sorry didn’t read it all the way.

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dude your pro af these models and everything is godly 999/10

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ha ha thank you dude for the appreciation

Can you make low-poly guns? Can you also make a Pirate Pistol? If yes, then add me on discord. AviaBasil#8206

Please add me, AcceptingOP#1323

vouch, has some EPIC models / skills and is fair.

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