At the current moment, the only way to control the direction of lighting is by formulas to set the sun’s position through TimeOfDay and GeographicLattitude.

While this works for a few positions in the daytime, if you want the sun to come from a horizontal or downward source, it will start to get darker and take on the properties of moonlight.

DirectionalLights are used in game engines such as the Unreal Engine

A DirectionalLight would change the global direction of illumination, as well as the brightness and light source color settings based on the CFrame of the part that it would be inside of.

This feature would be really useful for games that take place in unusual settings, such as space games where there is no “up” direction.


I support. You should re-upload the picture with neon for those arrows and stuff, though. I missed them the first time around!


I very much support this suggestion.

My spaceship game will benefit visually from this, imagine a star system where spaceships can fly freely, in some cases they may fly directly above the star and this is a problem because there’s no way to achieve a downward source of global illumination.


I have to agree with this!

I’d much rather have a directional light source that would allow us to quickly and easily set up how we want our game’s “sunlight” to look!



Having DirectionalLight and some sort of new lighting for suns is something that I really want in some universal or quirky games, horizontally speaking, I guess this can also world in some other games that can use this with some realistic lighting. :eyes:

↓ Some quotes that I agree with for this to be added:

Along with this, I do hope that there could be more features to lighting and possibly more Technology or Lighting properties/settings that can expand what we can use it for and make with it.

I do see this happening in the future if it ever gets viewed from a lot of users and possibly Roblox staff, which would help out a lot of developers one day, very beneficial if you ask me. :3