Disabling the Solution Option in Development Discussion

I’ve noticed that certain topics in #development-discussion have solutions marked, which doesn’t click to me. Aren’t discussions… discussions? Meaning each discussion wouldn’t have a right/wrong answer? You are just discussing a particular topic based on your own opinion and experience.

I feel that whenever a discussion has a solution marked, the discussion starts to slowly die because there’s a solution, there’s an answer and there isn’t any need to engage ourselves in the discussion any longer. #help-and-feedback does need the solution as it identifies which reply is actually working and/or correct.

To fix this, assuming the devforum is using this plugin, all the devforum would need to do under #development-discussion is to go to settings > uncheck the “Allow topic owner and staff to mark a reply as a solution” as seen below:

More info from the thread here: Discourse Solved - plugin - Discourse Meta

I feel that if there is a solution marked, then it shows that this topic is not a discussion, it’s a question/answer situation which I believe needs to change.


Agreed, but people also use this feature to “pin” a reply. That’s actually suggested by Roblox:


I think solutions in the case of a tutorial/discussion are useful only for pinning replies. Maybe there is a plugin that could be implemented assuming there is one if necessary, for these categories.


Unfortunately, solutions is an ‘all or nothing’ system. You can enable it everywhere, or only for specific categories (meaning it couldn’t be used in DMs). As others have noted, solutions are also routinely used to ‘pin’ a notice.

Seeing a :white_check_mark: next to a discussion isn’t that bad of an experience.

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I don’t really see that, though. For example, a topic that was created talked about where they get icons and someone linked where they get it, it got marked solved, and the discussion died (Which I don’t consider a discussion as it seems like a question/answer situation)

#development-discussion seriously needs to be fixed, so im blaming it on the flaws of the category.

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Well, I assume that topic was in the wrong category. If their issue is solved, why would the topic still get replies?

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It’s not bad, however, it just kills the discussion since there’s an answer.

Yes and no, as mentioned in my topic, it can be disabled. So there is a fix, however, it’s not being used.

Last time I checked, it’s still there. Still don’t understand why it wasn’t moved yet.

It turns out nobody flagged it.

Didn’t think this before, but another solution is to quote the reply and add the quote at the top of the first post.

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That’s another way too. It reduces the number of spammed topics since someone replied with that answer.

This still isn’t addressed, and I feel like this should be changed. I feel like the solution option in Development Discussion encourages new members to post their Help and Feedback topics in there, because there also are other topics in there with solutions. (I might be wrong, I’m not speaking facts.)

To pin important responses, you should edit your OP and add the link to the reply you want to pin at the bottom of it, so it would look like this:

Just using the post above for this example.

This just was 10 seconds of work, so there is no reason to keep the solution option in Development Discussion in my opinion.

I’ve made this change, let’s try it out.

WRT “pinning” important responses: you can link to the post and Discourse should embed it, as above.


If it doesn’t go as how people intend it to be, could we use the solution feature as pins as many have brought up? Maybe even allow more than one solution?

Did you do it only to #development-discussion or did you do it for #resources:community-resources too? I cannot seem to mark my post as a solution.

If so, I cannot remove the current solution so it is just stuck like that.

Can you try again? Tweaked some settings. (might need to refresh)


i am now able to mark it as a solution! thank you :smiley:

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