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White listing is better than 1984 style muting. Trying to make something safer and rewarding those who help is better than pretending it doesn’t exist.


The issue here is that it is not ever going to be possible for Roblox to make Discord a safer environment. They can’t even pretend to monitor it, or moderate it. They can not moderate users for anything that happens on Discord servers, they can’t accurately measure what has happened on Discord servers. But parents can blame them for what happens on Discord if they openly support and allow Discord links and references on Roblox.

Lets say that someone’s child goes to a Discord server, and something absurdly inappropriate or vulgar is presented to the child. The parent catches wind of this, either by seeing it first-hand, or the child telling them for whatever reason. The parent is angry because they have already investigated Roblox and determined that Roblox is a safe environment for their child. So, how did their child find their way to this inappropriate chat room? They proceed to ask their child, who answers honestly, telling them that they were directly linked to that chat room from a web page on Roblox, which they are still able to show their parents. Lets say they were linked to that server from a Roblox game or group- the link is still going to be there, unfiltered, unmoderated, unobscured, and their parents are then going to be forced to question how safe their children are on Roblox.

You have a point, it is still possible for children to find their ways to Discord servers through Roblox even without supported links. But at least Roblox can assure the parents that they are doing everything in their power to prevent this behavior both in other users and their own children, and that the specific situation was in violation of their terms of service, and that they are doing everything in their power to prevent it from happening.

This is as opposed to: “Sorry, we’ve asked them to moderate their servers but sometimes they don’t listen or succeed, because lets face it, they are children- how mature can we expect them to be? Furthermore we’re going to continue to allow them to create these servers and share them with your child, because they like it even though it is unsafe.”

Anyway, that’s just my take on the matter. If I were in charge of making this decision for Roblox, I would make the same decision that they have made.


I understand what you are saying, but I most definitely think roblox should allow discord servers.

Now while it is true that roblox has no power over moderating discord servers, doesn’t that go just as well with twitter and youtube links?

But here’s something that neither twitter nor youtube provides: An amazing tool that can help you directly communicate with your fan base, make announcements and listen to feedback so easily.
I’m not sure about everyone else’s experiences, but discord has been a huge help for me. Discord provides a new sense of community to your player base.

I don’t want to dive into specifics since I think most devs would agree that discord is a very useful tool. If roblox does not want to allow discord links, it is understandable, but they should have an alternative. The current group system is very flawed, and I don’t think it would be too far off to say that lots of discord servers are better moderated than roblox groups anyways.

Isn’t it possible for youtube links to be put, where the video includes lots of cursing? I really don’t see how discord is so much worse than the links allowed, that even with all the benefits, it is still not even allowed to be spoken.


Roblox moderators frequently review the content behind Youtube and Twitter links, and take action on the people that posted them if the content is found to be inappropriate. Yes, it is possible to remove the content before a moderator sees it, but it is not very common. Discord, on the other hand, is like a black box: the moderators can’t be expected to join Discord servers all day, and its entirely possible that they won’t be allowed to see content immediately.

Remember how Roblox is trying to remove discord links from Roblox? Well, this is the complete opposite of what they’re trying to do.

I like the idea though.

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Funny thing is, the off-site link rule is one of their hidden rules they never actually show you.
read my reply here; Reminder Regarding Permissible Links

I went through the ToS, and Rules they provide, and couldn’t find anything.


A staff response to a very reasonable request (even if its an outright no) to a post which has garnered so much interest would be nice :confused:

The ““Reminder”” Regarding Permissible Links post is essentially the staff response.

I dont agree. :-1:

Why? Discord has been used to bypass swearing like ALOT, thats the main reason im aganist discord in roblox - its not child friendly at all.

Adding that to the quicklinks will surely expand discords on roblox, but since roblox arleady reminded us that discord is not allowed gives me another reason.

Twitter/Facebook/Youtube/Twitch/Google+ can be used to bypass filter aswell, so what?

Well discord is a very different case as it is live chat, which is way less painful than twitter/youtube/(not really for facebook)/Google+/Twitch messages.

People replace discord with roblox messages ALOT, thats why its worse than Twitter/Facebook/Youtube/Twitch/Google+ - people are more likely to do that.

Discord can contain NSFW content.

This is a huge difference compared to Twitter/Facebook/Youtube/Twitch/Google+, it makes discord sometimes (mostly, depending on what servers they are in) EXTREMLY non-kid friendly.

  • These are just some of my points, but I think thats enough to prove that it is a bad idea.
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Twitter has DMs. Twitch has its own live chats. Google+ has Google Hangouts.

I don’t see how using Discord instead of Roblox messages matters.

Twitter also has NSFW content.


Compare it to how many people use those, and how many people use discord’s.

And Twitter contains far worse, trust me.

As true as it being a live chat is, your wording here is completely wrong, or I’m assuming so, way less painful? So that means… it’s better?
Twitter, Youtube, Twitch, etc all have live chats as well, Twitter is essentially a live platform updating automatically without you refreshing the page.

How… does this make it worse than everything else? Because it’s a good platform people like to use for communication… it’s worse than everything?

And so can YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter. Especially Twitter. You have a full profile on Twitter that can draw in attention from unwanted people, and more, if anything, on Discord, it’s safer for most because it’s harder to find others without knowing their discriminator, or a server they are in.

But… how? You’ve given no reasons, except reasons that all of the sites share?

Not to mention people can easily choose what servers they are in, who they want to interact with, etc. Discord has full report functions now, as well as block features, NSFW filters, and so on.

Discord has really changed a lot in regards to safety. There are actual precautions, that do work.


I didnt actually mean that the platform itself is worse, I use it myself but I saw what discords did to people on groups, and I actually felt bad for them. I saw many discord servers with (real life) nsfw channels with bots, swearing in almost every sentence and alot of toxic people (including the owners, mostly).

I compared it to Twitter/Facebook/Youtube/Twitch/Google+ and there were less cases with Twitter/Facebook/Youtube/Twitch/Google+ and significantly more cases with discord, but that just might be my experience.

I’m concerned about the younger players alot, and I am not defending Twitter/Facebook/Youtube/Twitch/Google+ in any way, This feature is a 99% no forever because of the statement roblox admins made and their opinions.

I respect and use discord myself - I just dont think it would fit our audience.

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And I think that roblox doesnt want discord to have attention for their own reasons. (Just a guess.)

This isn’t the platform as a whole, and is really rare. I’ve been on the platform since it’s been created pretty much, and out the hundreds (maybe thousands) of servers I’ve been in, only a handful actually had NSFW bots.

As for cursing, every platform has cursing for the most part, people curse in real life, I don’t really understand why you hit on that so hard, yes, under 13 shouldn’t be cursing, but they’re going to hear it in their daily lives, and on TV.

Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, etc, are all 13+ platforms, just like Discord, I’ve seen the only real argument against Discord is pre-screening isn’t possible like it is on other platforms.

Other than that, most arguments brought up are baseless and irrelevant to the actual argument.

Well, with twitter people still put it in the status and basically where they can - which basically bypasses the whole 13+ thing.

People will do the same with discord, and I really dont want even +13 people to be exposed to that as most of roblox users lied about their age because of the #### filter.

Roblox wont add it no matter how much we try anyway :confused:

Because it’s allowed and not against the rules as long as they aren’t linking directly to another website they are fine doing that.

Roblox for the most part, allows you to post twitter links anywhere, even though it’s a 13+ platform.

Well Roblox is weird, from one side they make extremly secure filters, from second they allow that :confused:

From mym experience, I just dont think it will work in the long run, and I dont think that I will change my mind anytime soon.

I still respect people that want discord on roblox, and I would be fine with it as long as our community wouldn’t suffer.

(But I perfectly understand why they make such filters - as bypassing it in game creates a bad opinion than allowing other sites that can bypass those. I dont want the community to be limited either.)