Do badges attract more players?

I’ve been trying to think if I need badges for my Roblox game. It costs 100 Robux per badge and I really don’t want to waste any robux on badges. Do you think that Badges will make my game more popular?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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It’s something you ought to have.

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I would say it doesn’t immediately attract them just because there are badges but I think if it was clear that if you complete a certain thing, you get a certain badge… it could mean players will come back or play your game for longer. I’m just basing this off of my experience playing games.


I personally think it gives more incentive to some players to play your game. There are players out there who hunt for badges all day long, and if your game has badges they’ll definitely be more likely to play it.


It technically does because they appear on people’s profiles, but I personally never find myself looking through most people’s badges. The numbers are probably very low. It’s mainly for game play purposes to give people something to work for.


They can if implemented right. Think of them as achievements like you’d get on Xbox or PlayStation. I’ve implemented mine as “sticker collections” in my game, which fills their sticker album along with giving them a badge for their Roblox profile.


It may attract badge collectors… alot


I’m imagining the piggy true ending. It was a rare badge and people who got it quickly felt really achieved to get it before many others. In certain contexts like a welcome badge I don’t think it is worth it but with rare things like the piggy true ending it is SOOO worth it!


Only add badges for things that players would be proud to achieve otherwise it is a waste of 0.35 USD (100 robux)


I tend to see badges as a way to flex off to other players to show your amount of progress or hard work in the game. Badges, especially hard-to-get ones, make people WANT to get them for the purpose of showing off. Though it doesn’t automatically attract people to your game, it does keep your community intact since they are constantly trying to gain a specific badge that is usually rare.

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I have not seen players playing game for badges.But maybe some players.

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I personally see badges as a way to get players to keep playing your game. In games like Super Bomb Survival and Natural Disaster Survival, badges were one of the reasons I kept wanting to come back and continue playing those games. This is all my opinion, though.

They’re also kinda like Steam achievements. People collect them, and they’re a way to get more content and play time out of a game. Having badges won’t exactly make someone who hasn’t played your game before want to play it, but it’ll make them play longer if they enjoy it.

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It really depends users tend to achieve badges to showcase on their profiles, that way players that come across a sorting user profile will see a badge and wanting to check the game out badges are more of an achievement.

Badges are good for gaining players more focusing on “newer users” that want to check your game out or wanting to return back to achieve those sorting badges for (quest, challenges,).

These are good for users that want a cool badge showcasing on their profile, or if it’s worth achieving, making players work and spend time in your game is a good way for those users to return back to achieve those badges. Making badges are a good addition to add to your game anyone can get that badge and players look at it as a reward or something they achieve.

Here is a thread talking about ‘why add badges in my game’ will it gain newer players to check out your game. It might be helpful to take a look.

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My Opinion

It actually depends on the game itself. But i will mostly say “NO” because 60% of players usually don’t look up into collecting badges. Especially for people below 13 (minors), they usually just wanna play play and play for fun and don’t think much.

It can attract badge collectors (people who like to collect badges for their inventory)

A psychological thing, if the badge is hard for the player, it can give the player a feeling of “YEAH!! or OH YEAH FINALLY!!” But, it doesn’t attract players until they play the game to realize how hard to get the badge is.

For me, this is 80% accurate. People usually just see the game and then, if they are not interested they just quit. Usually people don’t see the badges tabs. But some people do.

To a perspective of most people, this question remains unanswered actually because it’s almost impossible to find the actual answer because everyone has a different opinion.

I have played roblox since 2016 (in 1st account, not this account) and knew roblox since 2012.

For me playing roblox for 4 years, older than most roblox players and have played so much games, my answer that i am VERY SURE with is No.

Sorry if you had to spend your time very long to read this message, i had to analyze and thinking with logic to solve this problem.

I hope, this is helpful to everyone. :tada:

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Badges always gave and still give my games a boost on the amount of visits.
I think that it is definitely a good way to get more visitors when you don’t want to spend lots of Robux on advertising your game!

I believe that while they may not attract players (though they definitely can), they can help you keep ones already playing. Players will be motivated by achievements—think of the dedicated players of nearly any game spending days just to get one badge!