Do not automatically open the UI tab when I click on StarterGui or some GuiObject descendant

In June a feature was released that when you click on the StarterGui or one of its descendants that is a GuiObject, the ribbon automatically opens this barebone UI tab:


This is annoying because it does more harm than good.

The bad:

  • Studio does not remember what tab you were on previously, so the one click that is saved with this feature is instantly wasted after you deselect your objects. This is especially annoying when you misclick on accident.
  • There is no LocalScript button in the UI tab, so you will always have to switch tabs again if you want to add some script to your GuiObject.
  • Same as above, but with the insert model button. If I want to insert a locally saved asset in some GuiObject I will have to switch tabs again.
  • Sometimes I just want to quickly make a small UI edit (toggle visibility, rename an object, etc.) in which case there is no need to switch tabs.

The good:

  • You save one click, but only in some specific scenarios.

Additionally, there is no need to automatically switch tabs, especially when the currently available context insertion already fullfills this purpose in a quicker and more convenient manner.

All in all, automatically switching to the UI tab does not improve the UX or workflow at all; There is no reason for it to exist. My suggestion is to make one of the following changes:

  1. Remove this feature and do not have this UI tab hidden by default.
  2. Add an option to the settings menu to disable automatic tab switching.

I would take this a step further and completely disable automatic GUI selection when you’re clicking around in Workspace. I don’t know how many times I’ve accidentally ruined an interface when attempting to drag an object in my game. It’s extremely inconvenient. I also dislike the StarterGui and everything inside of it being greyed out when you have UI turned off in your game.

Would be nice to have a Studio binding setting so you could set it to something like Mouse 5, or have it be something like Shift + Left Click, and also an option to disable the grey out of the StarterGui & it’s descendants.


Totally supporting this, I was writing my own post about it but it said it was similar to this one. I’m not sure why this tab exists in the first place, being automatically redirected to it is a nightmare.


I’m not sure either - it’s much easier and more user friendly to simply Right Click > Insert Object.

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The UI editor is a tool and should be treated as such. It should only be active when you’ve selected it. Right now it’s ever-present unless you completely turn off UI, and causes a lot of clumsy Studio problems (can’t use arrow keys in StarterGui’s Explorer, accidentally clicking on UI and automatically forcing the UI tab to take over, etc etc). This change would be nice, and the lack of options for this feature is frustrating.