Does Anybody Have Building Tips?

So, Hey Guys! I’m CorruptEquality And I’m A New Builder. (I Started 3 months Ago.) And I Just Want Some Help To Improve My Building! Do You Guys Have Any Tips?

(Also This Is Kinda Off - Topic But Can Starters Post In Collaboration?) Thanks!


Please use the search box to see if your question has already been answered.

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In building terms the steps for improvement are just to practice practice pratice. Practice makes perfect🙂
You could also look at free models and observe/examine how it was built and try using them as a reference kind-of like how when your drawing you would use a reference image. Anyways I hope this helped🙂 Good luck!

In addition to that try and develop your own style.

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This Really Helps Me, Thank You So Much!

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No problem, you can also watch some guides on how to make your building/models higher quality. You can also use blender as well to build.

Can Starters Post In Collaboration? (sorry if its off topic)

Yes they can.

Get a portfolio up.

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I’m not to sure, sorry about that. I’m new to the forums myself, however I think this is posted in the right category but correct me if i’m wrong.

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you guys have helped me so much thanks!

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Thank you for telling me, I’ll be sure to take note of this when posting in the future about this kind of stuff🙂

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Alright, No Problem!! You Helped Me Alot!

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Please search before posting. There are already many threads about looking for tips on building including there was just a similar one posted yesterday in regards though: technically what have I said before.

You can always improve your building by looking at images of buildings and other things to make. For example, you can possibly build small models or showcases based off other images or in your neighborhood or town. Try creating some small scenes based on a reference image keep experimenting with different styles. Don’t be scared to try new things; try to make things that you’ve never made before. Finally, you should look up a few amazing tutorials if there needed use useful plugins and more.

Since this question was asked so much times, you should at least do a quick search and you’ll find a bunch of threads with amazing tips to improve your building to gain an understanding how can I get better.