[BUILDING] Tips for building

Hey, I am a Roblox programmer who needs building tips which may include.

  • What software?
  • General tips
  • Which plugins?

Use roblox studio , personally i use studio tools + studio build suite (plugin)
both have their ups and downs.
but i really do suggest sbs over other building plugins.


I am learning blender currently.


When learning to build. It takes lots of practice to get good at building here is a few tips i got…

  • Plan your builds before making them. Getting a very good idea of what you want to make will make your building process a lot more easier.

  • Try new building programs out like blender. Watching tutorials and learning how to build models in blender will help you a lot more easier you can search! a lot of tutorials for learning blender and other programs.

  • Practice, practice it takes some time to become a great builder, by watching tutorials and learning different programs and tools…

There is a lot of building tips and beginner tutorials to get started learning blender in #learning-resources:community-tutorials Here:



Hey there! One of the first things you need to decide is, do you like F3X? One of the most popular building plugin out there. After you have determined that I guess just keep practising. Building is kind of like programming, you need to keep going.

Also, using the forums for inspiration is a pretty good idea. If you see someone’s build that you like, don’t hesitate to take some ideas from it.

And last but not least, start pushing yourself. After you feel like you got the basics down, start building more advanced stuff and always add small detail and gradually add more and more detail.

I’m sorry if this isn’t much help, it’s just a few tips.

Good luck.


I really recommend using blender. I found watching youtube videos can help tremendously when learning. If you’re a complete beginner with blender, watch the blender guru donut tutorials to learn all the keys and what they do. If you’re on the intermediate side, I recommend watching any video on what you are trying to do since you already know all the basics.


A good plugin which I think is an essential is F3x tools. It is a good plugins if you are trying to get things as accurate as you possibly can and it has more advanced move and scale tools compared to the standard Roblox tools.

A general tip that I have is to get comfortable with the Roblox tools and get the basic down of what does what. Not only will that make building a bit easier but it will allow you to do more advanced things like Unions and such.


What really helped me when I started my building career was looking off google images and trying to replicate what I was aiming for. As I got better I just started to build off my experience. Some plugins I recommend when you start out is f3x and gapfill. As you learn more I suggest moving onto learning blender.



Anyways it’s based on your preference if u like to use f3x or others. Personally, I like using f3x and blender( for building, animations)