Dolcini | Terms of Service

Dolcini’s Terms of Service

Section 1A: (In-game Purchases)

Purchases made from Dolcini (group, games) are non-refundable and take action with any problems with a purchase accordingly. The Corporate Team is responsible for purchasing issues but does not hold the responsibility to a player who is seeking a refund option. Purchases of: Points and Consultations can be fixed with our system if issues are found and proof of the problem is provided. Purchases of: Game passes, Clothes, or other developer products (not including points and consultations) are final.

Section 1B: (Promotional Donations)

Players making a purchase of products: Staff Assistant and Skip Training will not be allowed to have these refunded like stated in Section 1A. We are not responsible for your game pass purchases and we have set terms that you must abide by to sustain your new role. To know more information on what you must do to sustain your position read the description of the game pass. If you are removed from this position at any time, we solemnly believe it is for the business of Dolcini’s best interest.

Section 2A: (Code of Conducts)

We have two separate Code of Conducts: Customer and Staff. To have a good experience at Dolcini we must follow some rules that are appropriate to the experience. We are assessed to make any form of moderation on Dolcini property for a proper reason. If your player shows anything inappropriate with (name, appearance, etc.) we may take further moderation actions to what may be breaking Roblox ToU.

Section 3A: (Appeals)

We allow players to have a second chance here at Dolcini. If you believe you were wrongfully banned you may report this to the Corporate Team. Appeals are taken seriously and we may not allow you to come back to the community depending on the circumstance(s). Learn how to appeal in the “Ban Appeals” section in the handbook.

Section 4A: (Compensation)

Dolcini does not pay its staff at this time. Staff work for free and are not held to any type of hours of time put into the business that is not agreed upon. To sustain a position in the Management+ positions hours may be required though if not met, they may be entitled to a demotion. All members of Management+ accept this before they are given the position as they are provided with this form.

Section 4B: (Dolcini Spetaccoli Gratuity)

Though the company is not entitled to give out any payout to its members or staff, we allow members of the community to give gratuity to performers at Dolcini. Gratuity is not under the group Dolcini, but under the subsidiary Dolcini Spettacoli therefore the payouts are not from the parent group. Performers (players who are under the group as a Pianist or Event Performer) are given gratuity from in-game. When performances are ongoing at the cafe, people playing are allowed to give tips to the performer that will go to the Dolcini subsidiary, Dolcini Spettacoli. After the revenue has come through for that time, the performer(s) who performed will be given or split 35% of gratuity. This is half of what the business would make. Funds given to the business will go back into the development of the properties of Dolcini. Event Performers will be entitled to initial payment from Dolcini for their time of an upcoming event.

Section 5A: (Partnerships)

Becoming a respected affiliate at Dolcini will entitle the groups’ communications to promote our announcements that are important to the players of the other communities. We only ask our partners to promote events that are made specifically between our groups. Announcements of newsletters, applications, and outside events that do not relate to Dolcini will not be announced.

Section 6A: (Consultations)

Consultations are a new feature that has been brought up to give advice to players who visit Dolcini. Consultations are a way you may get advice for multiple business or personal needs. We are not responsible for what information a member of Management may give you and we will never ask for anything further with what you may be proposing. This is advice and not given personally but with an insight into your interests. Payments made for a specified consultation may be given back if a consultation was wrongfully performed.

Further information and support for general information and terms of service may be directed to Dolcini’s VP & Chief Information Officer: N/A

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