Don't delay updates to the collaboration category in favor of the change to "Talent hub"

As a roblox developer, I find it frustrating that helpful changes to the collaboration category are being delayed or even downplayed in favor of the Talent Hub. Recently, I’ve seen many posts in the forum features category (including my own) regarding the collaboration category, and how it can be improved. One in particular caught my eye: Multiple suggestions for the recruitment category

This post listed many new proposals, many of which I thought would be great. It proposed a function which would allow you to mark hiring posts as open or closed without having it in the title, and those marked as closed would automatically be removed within a certain time period. In addition, the author also stated that adding tags for beginner, intermediate, and professional would be beneficial to all developers.

However, one of the replies stated this:

(i blurred out the name for a reason, this ISN’T a callout thread.)

They stated that these rather useful changes wouldn’t be added due to the addition of the talent hub!
The talent hub topic, which can be found here: Talent Hub Private Beta stated that these would be the primary features of the category:
"The Talent Hub will be a place for Creators to -

  • Post Jobs
  • Find & Apply for Jobs
  • Post Portfolios
  • Search for other Creators to work with"
    The #collaboration Category already gives developers the ability to post jobs, find jobs, and post portfolios! The only new feature is to search for other creators to work with.

This convinces me (make what you will out of it,) that the Talent Hub replacement is primarily a name change. Why not add the ability to search for other creators to work with to collaboration as a subcategory?

In addition, there’s no reason the aforementioned features shouldn’t be held back due to the update. New features could at least be considered for the talent hub, and not just be completely delayed due to its addition!

I won’t go on further about the “Talent Hub” situation, because things would end up being off topic.
Anyways, thank you for reading. Feedback appreciated.


(edit: this aged like wine)


This request makes zero sense. The talent hub absolutely needs to be the priority in front of #collaboration. The talent hub will be here any day now.

No need to put more stress on engineers, please remain patient instead of complaining. :slightly_smiling_face:

Source? Multiple sources, (including myself!) have seen inside the Talent Hub, it is not at all just a name change.


I’m basing my source on the official roblox post, and I apologize if there are new features I didn’t understand were in the talent hub. That’s exactly why I emphasized that it was my opinon. Sorry if it was confusing.

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Adding on top of that, the response quoted by the OP wasn’t made by a Roblox staff member. Getting enraged over an unofficial response isn’t the appropriate response to it. Besides, both #bug-reports:talent-hub-bugs and #feature-requests:talent-hub-features became public as of late. It only would be logical to start phasing #collaboration out.

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Which response are you talking about? I quoted the talent hub topic made by the official roblox devforum account. Once again, sorry for the miscommunication.

Oh, alright! Sorry about that. I was trying to use that as an introduction, not as an official source to base my topic on.

The infrastructure required to do any of those suggestions is a significant detour from work that actually matters on the talent hub. The forum category is now only a temporary solution, it makes no sense to sink more attention into it when it’s replacement is very nearly done, and those improvements would only be used for a short time.


Just as an update:
I had no idea that talent hub was this far into development, nor did I know that it would include more than the listed features. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, as well as the feedback.

We’re building the Talent Hub as a separate product specifically tailored towards finding job opportunities, finding collaborators, and showing off your portfolios. We want to make sure we support this with a software architecture that lets us quickly iterate and make improvements for you folks based on your feedback, and will scale well as the developer community grows.

Discourse is a great piece of software, but it is mainly built for discussion threads and knowledge bases. It doesn’t have the features to work well as a talent acquisition product out of the box, so these would have to supplemented by custom Discourse plugins that we’d need to write. It is difficult to try and significantly reshape a piece of software into something it wasn’t originally meant to achieve. We can provide more value to the community by putting all the effort towards creating and improving features for the Talent Hub, which is specifically built for promoting collaboration.

I completely understand the frustration about the lack of changes related to collaboration, and we appreciate your patience here. We’re planning to expand access to the Talent Hub sooner-than-you-think ™.