Talent Hub Private Beta

:warning: If you were forwarded to this thread, but have been told you’re part of the Private Beta, please send a message to DevRel, or post on the private Talent Hub DevForum category.

Hello Creators,

Thank you for expressing interest in the Talent Hub! We’re super excited to be able to release this to everyone in the future.

The Talent Hub will be a place for Creators to -

  • Post Jobs
  • Find & Apply for Jobs
  • Post Portfolios
  • Search for other Creators to work with

This is a big project, and we’re taking it step-by-step. This is why right now the Talent Hub is in Private Beta. For this, we have the first two items on the above list available to a very limited number of testers. We want to get in-depth feedback and iterate on the Talent Hub to make sure it’s as best as it can be before releasing it to everyone.

Throughout 2021 hopefully you’ll hear and see much more about the Talent Hub, as we continue to improve and expand on it with the help of our testers. In the meantime, if the Talent Hub is something that interests you, we’d love to hear why that is the case in the comments below.



I would be interested in closed betas. When a new one opens, you can add me.


I’m interested in the Talent Hub because I would love to start building for other developers and building on Roblox is my passion so I think that is why I should be able to join the private beta.


I’m interested in the Talent Hub as I want to try working with other people and applying for jobs. So far I have always been working alone on my own projects, but I think it could be very interesting for me to try doing jobs for other people or working with them. I would also like giving my feedback on the project to help make it the best it can be.


How do I join the private beta?


I am interested in the Talent Hub because for the project I am working on I will need to hire some talent to help make the game become the best it can possibly be.


Hello, I’m WindingTheRopes and I am interested in the private beta for the talent hub. I enjoy testing new features and providing feedback, as well as I believe that this will be a great improvement to the recruitment aspect of Roblox. I am an active developer, I enjoy sharing my services through this new feature, and testing it out as a developer who will use it at its public release.

My Roblox username: WindingTheRopes [I am in the public beta, and I’d be interested in expanding my access to beta features to help the platform with feedback and testing on new, private beta projects, like the Talent Hub!]


Hey, I’d like to participate In Private Beta features. I’ve been trying to get in for the past few days by messaging staff, making dev forum post, etc. I went back to the original post I had made and seen its been marked as unlisted and we can now send replies in this forum.

Anyways, My username is SillyMeTimbers. I’m already in public beta and It’d be nice to take it a step further.


I would like to participate in the Private Beta as I’d love to meet a wider variety of smaller developers and allow them to reach out to me easier than usual.

This idea sounds solid, I can’t wait!


I’d be interested in this amazing system, when you can, add me!


I would be interested in the Talent Hub because I love doing graphic design and I not only want to keep learning more but also get some profit off of my work, and it’s very hard to get people to buy commissions from me.


I am intrested in Talent Hub i would be happy if u add me user H_OmgYT
-regards HypeOmg


I’m interested, as a UI designer it would be a awesome feature to have and I would love to try it out.

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I’m interested in the talent hub. It’d be great for finding people to work and coordinate with.


This is an amazing thing coming to roblox, and i feel that this was really neeeded. I think this was needed because it makes more sense to have a sepearte site for job applications rather then the Developer Forums.


I’m interested in becoming a Private Beta tester for the Talent Hub as I am extremely excited for this new feature. As a developer, I’d like to connect better with serious and bigger clients to grow my personal brand. I’d love to post my portfolio in a more serious space to appeal to new clients and fellow developers. In general, the Talent Hub would greatly expand my network, so I am excited and would love to be a part of the Private Beta test.

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This seems amazing! Would love to be able in taking part of the beta. I love the sound of the portfolio feature and being able to create jobs.
It would be a great opportunity for not only me but others developers to have their work heard about more other then just on the developer forum and other media such as twitter, yet again, would love to take part in testing this.

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My name is CrashFacts and I would love to join the closed beta version of Roblox Talent Hub.


Ever since this was shown to me, I’ve been super excited for it to come out. I’d really like to be apart of a more serious way of finding others in need. I’d love to be able to use this, as it’d greatly help me find more of what I’m looking for. It would really be awesome to be apart of the private beta testing.

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The Talent Hub seems like a pretty cool and awesome idea for developers, and I would like to try it out myself because I’ve found it hard to find reliable jobs on ROBLOX, and I find this would make it way easier, and would help myself find jobs in the future.

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