Multiple suggestions for the recruitment category

Add a way for users to mark their post as “Closed” and prevent it from showing in the category

As a reader of the Recruitment section, it can be annoying to have to sort through posts marked (Closed) to find valid and up-to-date recruitment posts. I propose a system that would allow users to mark their post as “Closed”. This system would then delete the post without the “Post removed by author, will automatically delete within one hour” thing. This would allow users trying to find jobs see only the available positions.

Add tags such as “Beginner”, “Intermediate”, and “Advanced” to the optional tags

This would be really helpful for employees to try and find the right job for them. For example, programming legend and 20 year veteran Jill could try and find an advanced programming position offering a full salary and benefits, while Bob, who has been scripting for 3 months, can find something more akin to his experience.

Use case:
13+ year old Jimmy decides he wants to try and apply for a UI designer position. He has been doing UI for about 5 months, and he feels he is an intermediate UI designer. So, he tags his post with “UI”, “Hiring”, and the all new tag, “intermediate”, and boom! He finds his dream position (that is open, thanks to closed positions not showing), and he applies.

If you have any critiques or reasons why this wouldn’t work, please explain them down below. This is my first feature request post so please excuse any mistakes


These suggestions more than likely aren’t going to happen. #collaboration is set to be replaced by the Talent Hub later this year which will more than likely resolve the issues of that category as a separate site.

The Talent Hub is expected to meet the needs of collaboration better than the current forum category, so Roblox aren’t interested in updating this.


I didn’t know about this, thank you for telling me. I’m excited for when it releases!

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Thanks for the feedback! As mentioned above, we’re working on a new product “Talent Hub” right now that will supersede the Collaboration category here.

This will be supported immediately on public launch of Talent Hub. :slightly_smiling_face:

Currently, we are planning to support age gating of job applicants somewhere closely after launch (e.g. only person above X years can apply to your job), but this is more intended for the employer to convey legal requirements (in case they can’t hire 18-, and such). So this might not entirely fulfil this use case.

Tagging @peraldon since he is the product manager of Talent Hub.


I could see this being useful, but I still think adding some form of system to convey the level of experience needed would really help both employers and employees. Thanks though!

I’m not sure if that will work, since there is no objective measure as to what is beginner, advanced, etc.

Check out this topic: Add Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced etc. Markers for Posts