Don't Delete Topics

I do not want this to sound rude, but if Members post into Forum Feedback (unrestricted category) instead of Platform Feedback (needs PA) on accident, then they cannot “just move” the post to the correct category.

Yeah I wanted to talk about this topic too.
But I was little scared to do this. My post had been moderated by some people due to wrong category and my post was deleted later on.

I think that should rather help by moving them to right category rather than deleting them.

But this depends on the topic.
If it is a bad post then it shall be deleted.

That’s what happened to me too.

This never happens. Any topic that belongs in Feedback but isn’t in Feedback will be moderated. :slight_smile:

There’s no way to skip PA as a member; this simply doesn’t happen. The user who wrote the post will get their post moderated, and if they decide to, they can just submit the same topic in Feedback and let it go through PA.

This is a really good quote:

It will be moved unless it would be moved into a category that needs PA. (Or if it breaks the rules.)

TL;DR: Posts that need PA but aren’t in the right category won’t be moved into the category that needs PA. :no_mouth:

I didn’t intend to skip PA. I posted into a wrong category by accident, so please don’t say that I was skipping PA.

Sorry, I think you’ve misunderstood. :slight_smile: I never said you were skipping PA. Please look at the post I responded to and re-read my reply.

I was responding to your post that stated that moderators would move PA-necessary topics into PA categories without PA. Which is untrue. :smiley:

I did not intend, nor do I believe that my reply was talking about any topic you posted that would of skipped PA.

Not sure how posting in the wrong category is possible.

You can select a category from here:

and you can just click on #platform-feedback then select a subcategory here:

Not sure how you would have ended up typing “forum feedback”.

As for Members (not Regulars) posting in Forum Feedback as opposed to Platform Feedback, their posts should not get moved to the appropriate category. This is basically bypassing Post Approval and if other members see this happening they will think this is the official way to do it or will be malicious and intentionally post in the wrong category just so it can be moved over to the correct place.

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I’ve made a new post on this topic. I will still read posts here, but I am more focused on this one at the time being.

There are way too many sections and 90% of them are all vaguely similar.

I’ve been on here since the beginning and lately more than half my posts are “in the wrong section”

Could you give me examples of this?

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Consolidated most of the forums into 6 categories.
My topics get tossed around between Roblox Discussion, Developer Hub, Community Resources, Community Tutorials, between Off-Topic and Roblox Discussion, between Off-Topic and feature suggestions, and between Roblox Discussion and Scripting Support/ Tutorials.

Most sub-categories are simply a mix of 2 of the main ones I outlined here.

My hunch is that you haven’t read the “About” post in each category, they make it pretty clear where you can post what.


Sections keep getting added and removed, and I like to post in sections people actually read since a lot of my topics are more open ended and trying to gather opinions.

So when something like gets asked to be moved to Feature Requests for instance.

Yeah, that was in Discussion beforehand but it doesn’t really address a development topic (Discussion is for development).

People are arguing here that Discussion should be renamed back to Development Discussion: Rename Discussion --> Development discussion

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How is that different from:

  • Developer Hub
  • Community
  • Cool Creations
  • Game design Support
    on the tin?

When I go to look for a category to post in, I scan the header

Then try to find the best fit section under it

Ever since I’ve been on these forums for the last 7 years (and IronNoob before then) there’s always been like a main discussion forum related to Roblox and then a secondary one related to everything not Roblox (off topic) similar to the former Roblox Forums themselves.

What’s extremely annoying is that practically all non-issue related topics can simultaneously apply to Roblox Discussion, Off-Topic, and “Development Discussion” depending on tone.

For example: A post detailing how to make the best thumbnail for your game in an open discussion format (“How would you do it? Here’s my best give”) can be tossed between Community Tutorials/ Resources, Development Discussion and Roblox Discussion depending on how the tone of the topic is intrepreted at a glance.

Cool, so if you actually read the About post before posting then, that should improve your doubts a lot:

They’re pinned to the category so they’re easy to find. (two clicks, and also hovering over the category label should show a short description)

If you give the answer yourself, that sounds like a resource. If you aren’t sure and it’s worded as an open-ended discussion, you put it in Discussion.

Also, it’s not a crime to move topics between categories as the post evolves. Sometimes you start it in place A but it’s actually a better fit for B, you can totally just edit it after the fact to move it.

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For me, most of the topics are pretty self-explanatory. For example, most people know to post their creations in Roblox Studio in a category like #help-and-feedback:cool-creations for purposes of feedback, not a category like #discussion or something. I think the moderation is necessary for newer users to learn where each topic they post should go. If it gets removed, they know it was put in the wrong category and know this the next time they post.

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Right off the bat Developer Hub proves itself as a pseudo bug reporting/ feature request hybrid
Community is a general “admin updates” and cool creations hybrid
Cool Creations is just Roblox Discussion/ Development Discussion with an emphasis on your own creation.
Game Design is a hybrid of Roblox Discussion (generally speaking) and vaguely Advanced discussion/ support

Developer Hub and Community are both poorly named sections

What is the true goal of all these sections? There’s not enough active users to justify putting a topic under X section- these topics are typically stuff you’d find in an open ended general but get shuttled out of public view by being thrown into these other hyper specific sections

You’re welcome to make a new post in #forum-feedback to suggest a better structure.

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If you post something in the wrong category, it generally is not removed, if staff or sages determine that it is suitable for another category instead; they’ll rather move the post to the correct category and you won’t get issued a forum warning.
For example, Buildthomas here has already moved some of my posts to correct categories.