Drafts inconsistently breaking in studio

Issue Type: Other
Impact: High
Frequency: Often
Date First Experienced: 2021-01-29 00:01:00 (+00:00)
Date Last Experienced: 2021-02-01 00:02:00 (+00:00)

Reproduction Steps:
To reproduce go into studio on a game with collaborative editing turned on and from experience there is about a 75% chance of this bug occurring.

This bug can be identified through the lack of the drafts option in the view bar despite collaborative editing being turned on.

Expected Behavior:
What is expected to happen is that the drafts button is there and the draft window appears when you edit any script in the place, just the regular way drafts work with collaborative editing.

Actual Behavior:
The issue is infuriating due to the fact you are still able to modify scripts however all changes are unsaved and don’t seem to be committing to the server and no draft of the script is created, if drafts were still working normally and this were a display issue then the changes made should still come into affect on local tests, however any changes made to scripts are not actually recognised when run/play is pressed, this can be checked by adding print(‘Test’) to a script, the previous content in the script will still run however Test will not be printed due to the server seemingly not recognising the fact the script was modified.

It is also worth pointing out that drafts have been working fine for us since collaborative editing was released and we only started experiencing this issue a few days ago.

The only workaround we have found is rejoining studio 3-5 times until drafts appear in the view tab, however this is often forgotten and we can lose hours of work due to not recognising the issue is in effect, in addition to causing annoying troubleshooting since you can spend hours trying to fix a bug without realising your changes are not having an effect.

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Im also experiencing these issues, Really damn annoying when i’ve got work to do.

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Is it possible to collect logs from the session where Drafts Widget didn’t appear?


Could you also provide more clarification - is it happens only when you open the place? or Drafts can disappear in the process while you are working on the place?


Apologies, it happens only when you are opening the place to my belief, I am yet to experience it disappearing mid-studio session.

Sorry, I don’t know how to retrieve logs in studio however if there is a tutorial or something you could reference me to I would happily retrieve them.

How to post a Bug Report - #12 by Roblox, see How to Find Log Files section



I have never had a draft disappear once it showed up. I have had the issue show up in a Roblox Studio session that had been working previously, though. Some hours after the last draft was successfully committed, typing into a new file will not create a draft as expected.

the issue should be resolved now, please restart your Studio and try again


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