Dragging objects in explorer causing display to glitch

The issue:

Whenever dragging an object on the explorer view in Roblox Studio, whilst having the cursor ontop of the name of the object or icon, the following happens.

  • When I move my cursor around, dragging the object, a black bar, which is the width of my screen and appears from the bottom of my screen, increases size relative to where my mouse moves. So if I move my mouse up, the black bar resizes upwards and shrinks if i move my mouse down.

  • If I move my cursor close or ontop of where the object was already in the explorer panel, it will cause my entire screen to go black. Whenever this happens, my cursor ends up being glitched and looking pixelated.

  • The only way to fix the glitched cursor is to turn off the display, whether its by shutting down, restarting or going into sleep mode. (I am using a laptop)

I don’t have any screenshots or videos of this as the glitch doesn’t show up in them.

I have updated my graphics drivers, reinstalled Roblox Studio, and looked through Roblox Studio settings.

This has also happened before in this game where one of the endings sent you to a remake of a very old version of roblox and that also had the same glitch except with the chatbox.

However for some reason, if I drag the objects without clicking on the icon or name, it doesn’t glitch at all.

Note: I also found this post which talked about the same exact thing but was left unanswered.

I have an ASUS X515JAB laptop.


Same thing happens to me aswell. It started a few weeks ago.

This is more so for the #bug-reports channel (I understand you don’t have the Regular role). You can DM @Bug_Support and give them the necessary info (you can find that info here.)

If they deem the bug worthy of looking into, they’ll make it a post.