DVerify - Let people see your Discord!

Well I know looking it up online it said that people under 13 cannot use Discord or have content from discord in-game.

Like I said above, All text will go threw filtering before release(That includes everything)

I mean if your source wasn’t from Roblox, I’d go with Roblox’s official rules but it’s up to you. Also if it goes through text filtering, Discord would be tagged for everyone.

I’m a bit confused as to the message here. You say that this complies with everything, yet you link a thread where the answer was a solid “No you cannot display a discord even if the user is over 13 and complies with policy service.” So based on the attached thread, is this a violation?

Also, what do you mean you “will work with other Discord officials to alert them of inappropriate usernames”? Discord’s username policy is very lenient and they have a lesser focus on inappropriate usernames, so why would they respond to your reports?

First of all, how reliable do you see this trick being? The Roblox filter can be updated at any time and this could end up breaking this fragile system. Also, what is the point of asking if the text is tagged if you just check it anyway?

TL;DR: Is this really practical/allowed? While I support this type of feature for perhaps a feature request for natively displayed Discord tags, I’m a bit worried that this specific system doesn’t actually stand to the rules.

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That is why the word discord will be replaced by the logo

I understand your concern and when the Roblox filter updates this also just looks at the text that is tagged. If the filter system crashes or breaks completely nothing work work as it will wait for the text to be replied filtered. This is not a violation as many other popular games have discord in it. Work with Discord officials is actually reporting it to them so your right it would be useless but sometimes it’s not. I had a account get deleted 3 months later. If the discord tag has a bad word in it, it would not allow the user to continue until the word is taken out. This system stands to the rules and I will check threw everything once again to see if I am complying with the rules and TOS

This is not a really valid argument. I’ve checked out more threads and everything relating to Discord seems to be blanket banned (aside from the game links of course) - so I still am curious as to how this complies.

This is a thread I found that basically confirms a lot of my concerns about your system.

Yes I see but things have changed since that post and more games are going to this method. Look at Bloxlink and RoVer. They do the same thing. They mention discord and verify games

and I don’t think checking the users age threw the filter system is invasive. Tell that to the other people who see tags every day from people under 13

No matter what, I’m 99% sure Roblox will take it down as they don’t like Discord in games. If they did keep it up maybe you could make a UI that says what does the text say as anyone could lie and click “No it’s not tagged”.

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I already implanted a system for that. I’m way ahead than you think

There is no guarantee that this will stay forever. I am working things out to make sure that this does not get taken down


I’m sorry to be frank but you are making some very bad takes on this thread.

The rules have not changed since the post I made regarding Discord in games, this is still the active policy. Discord isn’t allowed in games, period. Just because other games are doing it, doesn’t mean you’re allowed to either. That argument falls flat on its face. Stop using the tu quoque fallacy to justify your points please. Others doing something doesn’t mean it’s allowed.

The RoVer game check does not mention Discord at all. It has a prompt of “is this you?” and your Discord identifier (username + discriminator) - while I can’t speak on if this is a direct or indirect reference to Discord (last I checked it is), there is no other mentions of Discord there.

Checking age through the filter is invasive. The filter is only intended for adjusting what text users are allowed to see based on their age and privacy settings, it isn’t for you to check a user’s age. Roblox doesn’t provide this option to developers intentionally and you shouldn’t be skirting your way around either. It’s not reliable either. Filtering out text based on privacy isn’t the same as misusing the filter to check for information you don’t have access to - again, your argument falls flat on its face.

Not really sure why you need to create your own verifying service when one already exists by a known, reputable developer. Additionally, your responses to criticism and feedback on this thread are really fall-throughs for trust which is what something like this requires.

You’ve also misinterpreted your source that supposedly allows your use case: it doesn’t. PolicyService or not, you can’t show Discord content directly or indirectly in games, at all.


I believe it is against TOS to ask for discord usernames. Just the same as you cannot ask for emails and such.

Ok but Im still doing this. I am making sure that I do not mention discord at all and I will change the way of how this works. The check age with filter will be remove and will be replaced by something else. Thank you for listening and I hope this will keep on growing

I honestly think putting a small code on your profile is easier than joining a game.

Correct and I agree with that but this system is like a leaderboard system. Players are agreeing to let other people see their discord tag or certain people to see there tag. It would be easier to contact someone on discord without asking for there tag

I like it a lot. I feel this could go really well! Hope it does (Do you have a link for this bot I want to use it xD)

Please dm me and I can put you on the list for the beta release

From my standpoint, I’d automatically assume that since discord requires direct sharing of a link based from social media and thus would be prohibited by Roblox, you should take in mind the same consequences that would be if, for example, one created a plugin for the same purpose though for Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or some other platform. It’s all the same and you should treat any plan going forward by remembering - no direct sharing of external platform profile links.

It would not be sharking profile links at all. It’s just a username like any other username. No links or anything