Edit Escape Menu

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to edit or change the escape menu.

If Roblox is able to address your issue, how would it improve your game and/or your development experience? - It would allow for further customisation, it is not necessary but it would be awesome if we could customise or create our own escape menus for our games.


I actually don’t agree with this one. Its very convenient to have a menu that is the same across roblox. I don’t want to have to figure out how the menu works at every new place.


the only part of the escape menu we can change is the Reset Character behaviour

the Help section of the menu makes no sense for games that have different controls

I agree we should be able to customize it a bit more but not too much


Mm, the purpose of having an escape menu in the first place is to have a consistent and easy to use method for doing the important stuffTM.

Not only this, but allowing it to be changed could cause issues with games not allowing players to leave, report, etc. through the menu.

An easy solution is to add a new menu tab to the coreUI call it ‘Game’ or whatever and let devs have control of whats inside the main frame


Roblox’s vision for the TopBar and Hamburger-Access menu is to have something that is constant across all games. Likewise, it also protects certain core functions, such as reporting, that are protected for good reason.

Well they don’t have to make it so we could remove those buttons, instead they could make them customisable as with the chat.

Hey there, In my opinion it should be added because Developer’s should be able to gain full access to the UI style of their game. In addition a modern hamburger menu doesn’t fit with a rpg menu. BUT developer’s shouldn’t be able to remove descendants from the escape menu. Otherwise scammers might abuse this feature for their own profits. (Deleting report and leave button etc.).

For example If I am trying to make a survival game and all of my UI is ready but the hamburger menu kinda ruins the whole UI Design. The missing UI’s can be checked while publishing the game.

This has too many loop holes. If you allow people to edit the buttons, then whats to stop them from making the buttons to leave and report impossibly small? I think the best idea would be to just allow developers to edit the color scheme of the menu and add new options, nothing else.

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