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Hosting SSU & SSD Sessions

:bulb: SSU and SSD Sessions should only be held by the Management Team+; this short guide will help new members of the Management Team+ SSU and SSD when necessary. There will be custom commands for ease.

:bulb: As said above, the Management Team will be responsible of holding SSU and SSD Sessions, they are to be both announced and shouted in our Discord server under “Game Events” and in our Roblox group as well.

:spiral_notepad: SSU Sessions are hosted only when we have enough staff in order to moderate the server, we require at least 2-3 moderators, including you when hosting an SSU Session. This topic can be discussed in our “Staff Discussion” channel.

SSD Sessions are generally held when we are short on staff or players, when there are technical difficulties with Roblox, when there are ER:LC updates, and for a variety of other reasons! The Management Team+ will be in charge of determining whether or not to SSD.

SSU Procedure

:spiral_notepad: When you decide to host an SSU Session, please type in “!ssu” in the “Game Events” channel. Your message will be automatically ping everyone online who may be interested in joining. The staff member who made the announcement will also be the host of the SSU Session.

Next, you are also to announce it in our Roblox group simply by entering your shout. We have an example below that you may check out;

  • Server Startup | We are currently hosting an SSU Session! Do feel free to join if you are interested, our code is “enroute”. If you haven’t, check out our roleplay rules below!

:closed_book: Please do not abuse the “!ssu” command as it pings everyone in the server with the “@here” command. If your message couldn’t go through, simply refresh your discord page to assure that you hadn’t announced the SSU Session and you may retry again. Discord may be buggy sometimes.

SSD Procedure

:bulb: If the server is having any problems listed above, such as lacking players or staff which is the most common. You are expected to announce your message at least one minute in the server that you’d like to SSD soon by using the “:m” command. Example of the announcement can be seen below.

:spiral_notepad: You are also required to type in “!ssd” command in our “Game Events” channel which will announce the SSD Session so that players in the server are notified that the server has already been shutdown and they may no longer join the server.

Similar to the SSU Procedure, you must also make a group shout in our Roblox group so that players under 13 may know the status of the server.

:closed_book: There will be two examples provided for you below when you’d like to announce your message in the roleplay server and the group shout that the session has ended.

Roleplay Server Announcement

  • Sadly, this roleplay session has came to an end. I’d like to thank everyone for joining us, we hope to see you again! If you are interested, do join us at our discoured server at “A-m-X-a-v-y-R-T-p-w” for any updates! <3

Group Shout

  • Server Shutdown | Sadly, our session for today has came to an end. To those who joined, thank you for supporting our server! We hope to see you tomorrow.

:spiral_notepad: After you one minute passes, you may use the “:kick all” command to kick everyone in the server so that more players would not join the empty server.

:closed_book: All of the announcements above has been tested and will not be filtered by the filter system. Each and every announcement are free to personalize to your liking, there will be a risk of it filtering though, so we suggest you testing it beforehand.

:tada: This is the end of this guide for our fellow members from our Management Team, if you have any questions regarding this guide, you are always free to contact an experienced staff member to guide you.

Wed 11, 2021
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