Enroute | General Staff Handbook

:rotating_light: Enroute General Staff Handbook

:link: Enroute - Roblox

:bulb: This guide is intended to help the staff team understand more about the workings of our moderation system. We encourage you carefully read this whole guide to ensure you wouldn’t make any mistakes in the future.

:blue_book: Enroute is a private server located in Emergency Response: Liberty County that is currently still being developed. We wish to bring a better roleplay playground for everyone in ER:LC. Our staff team has put a ton of work into this server in order to make sure everyone is having an amazing time roleplaying in Enroute.

:bulb: Listed below are a few documents that shows the majority of our workings here, please do read carefully as each and every document provided below is important for your success here in Enroute.

:bar_chart:Trello Board

Furthermore, we do have a Trello Board with several crucial information in it. Please do visit our Trello board if you haven’t. Currently, the Trello may only be edited by a HR Board or Executive Board due to privacy and security reasons.

:clipboard: Staff Information

:pushpin: Staff Guide

:tada: All general documents will be located in this handbook! If you think any guides needs to be updated or added, feel free to contact the Executive Board! Any questions or concerns related to any of these guide, feel free to contact any staff member for assistance! We really hope this guide will be able to explain in detail how we work around here. All new Trial Moderators, we wish you the best of luck here in Enroute!

Sat 14, 2021
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