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Staff Information

:bulb: This is a guide that will explain thoroughly to those who are new to their rank and may have no idea the purpose of what they should do. Below, will include many details such as guides that should be read by according by their rank.

:bulb: When it comes to the chain of command in Enroute, we give each and every rank a purpose of their own. It is extremely crucial to follow the purpose of your rank as it may guide you to success here in Enroute as well as spreading out the pressure given.

Below, there will be a list in a descending order of our chain of command and each purpose for according to the rank given. Many information about the rank will also be explained in the following;

Trial Moderator

:spiral_notepad: The first rank of our chain of command. Just by reading the name of their rank, they are a Trial Moderator that is awaiting training and supervision from our staff team. This is the most stressful rank as they will be overwhelmed the need to read multiple guides in order to understand of how we may work around here.

Trainings and supervision is to determine their ability whether or not if they would be able to handle moderations here in Enroute. A list of guides that Trial Moderators are required to understand will be provided below.


:spiral_notepad: First of all, we’d like to congratulate everyone who have passed their Trial Moderator phase and moved onto being a standard moderator! Moderators will be granted with moderator commands in our roleplay server so that you can perform kicks without a supervisor! Details of using the ER:LC commands will be listed below.

MR Team | Senior Moderator

:bulb: Welcome to the MR Team! This is the starting rank of the MR Team, thank you for making time for Enroute!

:spiral_notepad: You may not only have access to moderation commands in our Discord server, but also host STS Sessions and supervise Trial Moderators by following the guides below! We wish you the best here in Enroute and look forward you growing here!

MR Team | Management Team

:spiral_notepad: The Management Team is a group of people who serve at one of the highest level of the MR Team and who have a day-to-day obligation to handle SSU and SSD Sessions as well as being able to use the “:m” command without any sort of permission.

That is not all, they also help guide and train Trial Moderators before they are supervised by Senior Moderators!

MR Team | Administration Team

:spiral_notepad: The highest authority within the MR Team, the Administration Team. This is also most likely to be also the most pressured rank within the MR Team.

Their main responsibility is to review and recruit new Trial Moderators into the staff team when necessary as well as the rank manager which can promote or demote Trial Moderators and Moderators only.

The Administration Team will also have access to ban commands both in the Discord and the roleplay server. Not only that, they’re also responsible for responding to ban appeals whenever a player decides to contact them.

HR Board | Public Relations Officer

:bulb: Foremost, I’d like to congratulate staff members that have made it to the HR Team! This is truly exciting to see how much the staff team is growing!

:spiral_notepad: Solely accountable for handling alliances with other communities. Members from our Public Relations Officer is also a representative of our server to other communities, they also work with other servers to establish affiliates and members of others communities!

Furthermore, the Public Relations Officer may also host organizational activities within the server and manage and review Job Applications! Details will be provided in the following;

HR Board | Chief Administrative Officer

:spiral_notepad: The Chief Administrative Officers direct day-to-day administrative functions of Enroute, including the head of moderations and reviewing ban appeals when received.

Directing, overseeing and assisting the moderation team to make moderation even more efficient by updating the rules regularly, improving commands, managing logs made by moderators and channels too! Furthermore, the Chief Administrative Officer manages the rank for Senior Moderators and the Management Team.

HR Board | Chief Staff Officer

:spiral_notepad: The highest position in the HR Board which also gives them the most authority within the HR Board, oversees the staff team in order to make sure everything goes smoothly.

The Chief Staff Officer, can also be known as the Staff Manager is accountable for overseeing the day-to-day activities of moderators to managing the ranks for the Administration Team. Plus, the Chief Staff Officer manages, staff applications, server bots when updates are required.

Furthermore, they are also responsible for logging any inactivity notices sent by a staff member or logging a punishment given by a rank manager straight into the appropriate Trello board given.

Executive Board

:spiral_notepad: Lastly, the Executive Board which contains both the top executive on the server with the most authority, the Coordinator and Director. Both of these positions work in pairs to keep the server in good shape. Any sort of major decisions should be up to the Executive Board to handle.

Serving as the key point of contact between the Holder, the Executive Board is also the public face of the server. They are responsible for setting the tone and the atmosphere of the server.

:tada: This is the conclusion for this guide, it was really a pain writing all of this, I hope this will help out our moderators who needs. Though, if you still do have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact a staff member.

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