EventBlocks Devlog 3 | Making a visual scripting plugin in Roblox

Hello fellow developers!
I’ve finally made variables for my visual scripting plugin, EventBlocks.
I’ve also added special values (ex.: ‘touching character’ is the character that the part is currently touching).
Here’s a little picture how it looks now:

With that done the only thing left are conditions but they are gonna be easy to add now.


I want you (yes, you) to tell me what block ideas you have. (example: heal, damage, look towards part, anything)
I will try my best to add as many of them as I can.

The plugin can’t handle client-server stuff right now, I’m planning to add support for that too! Right now you can only make server scripts.

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Don’t ask when the plugin will be released, I have no exact date. Maybe next week or after that.


Are you able to edit an existing script as an EventBlock script? If not, you should add it as it’ll be very helpful!

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Sadly, that’s almost impossible to do. The scripts generated by EventBlocks are special.
You can only edit scripts generated by the plugin.


so in a way, this is like a way to script a game using the scratch visual scripting


I think you should add a sort of warning to the script for Team Create users. Here’s an example I made to clarify what I mean by this:

It would be helpful in preventing non-EventBlocks users from breaking the script.

The text I typed into the example warning if you just wanna copy paste that


Warning: This script was automatically generated using the EventBlocks plugin.

Any modification to this script using Roblox’s default scripting editor may result in a broken script in the EventBlocks editor.
Therefore, to edit this please use EventBlocks: (link)


---- Do not modify anything below here. ----


Very good idea!
I’m going to add this. Thank you!


By the way, it doesn’t affect EventBlocks
if you change the script because it stores it’s blocks in a seperate object. But I’ll add this anyway!


Amazing idea! I think this will do very well and hopefully help many users!


Hey guys, the next devlog is out!
Make sure to check it out, it contains a video too :wink: