EventBlocks Devlog 6 | Making a visual scripting plugin in Roblox

Welcome to the 6th devlog of EventBlocks, The visual scripting plugin for Roblox.


The plugin will be free for an unknown amount of time, but after that it will cost 50-100 robux.
If you don’t want to miss a free copy, tell in the replies if you want to be tagged about devlogs and the release!

About the progress:
I’ve fixed even more bugs that before but it seems fine again now.

I’ve made a translation system and god… it was a real pain!
The plugin has two languages now.

  • English (of course)
  • Hungarian (my main language)

Keep in mind, if you change the language the code you’ve made so far won’t translate!
So if you make a code and change the language, the code will remain the same.

The block palette on the left is translated, but the code isn’t
However if you drag the translated blocks, they won’t change at all.

Fun fact: you can have many languages in your code. Look:
Kinda fun!

I’ve added the ‘go up’ block. It moves the part relatively upwards. If you want to move downwards, just enter a negative number.

If you haven’t already noticed, there are no ‘double deck’ blocks now. Double deck blocks were 2x higher than the usual. Now every block is the same height.

That’s it for today! I hope you like how the project goes so far!
I have many ideas waiting to be made, but I need

your ideas



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good stuff.
keep this going. I suggest you make certain colors cooler in tone. The blue, for example, is a very cool color. However, the green is an extremely warm color, which causes it to not blend in with the blue.

green is making my eyes bleed its so BRIGHT!!

Thanks for the feedback!
I’ve made it a bit better!

Just one more thing about colors, I want to have hight contrast at most places to make it easier to see each invidual block and to make it easy to tell which type they are (Player related = green, Actions = pink, World related = blue, Debug related = yellow, etc.)

Can I be tagged and know when it releases please.

Would love this, please add me to the Dev Log Tags.

Are you going to make it possible to build with these scripts?

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If you mean making parts with scripts, then yes. It will be able to create new objects.

good. but now the pink stands out…

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The UI looks a bit like Scratch 1. Try to make them smoother when you have time! :smiley: (like Scratch 3)

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I suggest you to add a system where you can export your blocks, not as a .rblx but as a link or another format. This would be easier for people to edit it anywhere and in case the plugin breaks one day, they’ll have backups. Good luck!

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There you go:

Actually it’s built like Scratch 2.0 because that was the best version. Scratch 3.0 has big chunky blocks, and in my opinion bad colors. Scratch 2.0 was more compact and better for complicated codes.

Good idea! I’ll definitely make a backup system! Thanks for the suggestion.

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this would be really useful could you tag me so I know when It comes out

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Good to hear, and I agree. You’ve been added to the list, you’ll be notified about new devlogs and the release!

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I feel like Scratch 3.0 would be way better in both blocks and colors. Your color schemes are questionable.

I agree my color scheme is not the best. But for example:
I don’t like this, it’s a yellow-ish background with white text, it’s hard to read.
I don’t want to copy scratch 100%. I think colors are less important for now. Maybe I’ll make it a feature to change block colors one day.

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Alrighty! I was wondering, how are you managing your blocks and compiling them into code?