Exporting Texture Paint from Blender into Roblox


I have some experience in Blender, and I know how to make UVMaps and then paint in PhotoShop but I was wondering if anyone has done texture painting right in Blender and then exported the mesh and map image for Roblox? I haven’t quite figured out how to do it.


You can check out this topic this should help you out. Vertex Painting for Texturing?


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I believe he asking for how to texture paint in Blender, not how to use vertex painting in ROBLOX Studio. Anyways, there are simple tutorials all over YouTube that offer a great start towards texture painting in Blender. A simple search of “Texture painting in Blender” gave me over ten different tutorials on the topic, some just under ten minutes if you’re impatient.


The thread linked above did not directly answer my question. I ended up learning what I needed on YouTube, thanks :slight_smile:


That’s fine :slight_smile: