Fast and accurate way to forest a large map?

I’m currently a head developer for a project, the map is gigantic with a lot of hills and curved terrain.

My question is, what’s the best way to generate a large forest around the main parts of the map, including the terrain elevation and such?

I have tried model brush but it’s inaccurate and I can only place it in square increments. Also, the model brush clips trees together.

Is there possibly a way to draw the area I want forested and have it automatically forested?

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First of all, a go-to for most fast object placement is Brushtool, but if you want something made specifically for situations like generating forests, I took literally like 5 seconds to find this:

There’s most likely many more out there.

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Alright this then.

Like I said earlier you can literally just search this stuff up, it takes 5 seconds. There are many forest generators, just find them.