"Faster play solo" beta feature breaks built-in plugins at runtime and tanks performance

Enabling the “faster play solo” beta feature prevents the loading of all built-in studio plugins including the draggers, asset manager, and toolbox at runtime.

Additionally, this beta feature seems to cause a substantial and unexplainable drop in performance on my levels, ranging anywhere from a ten to twenty drop in fps.

Take note of the framerate in the videos below.

“Faster player solo” beta feature disabled:

“Faster player solo” beta feature enabled:

Expected behavior

I expect the built-in studio plugins to be functional at all times, and for beta features to not tank my framerate.

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This was another bug report, linking it to let the people there aware of this bug report. Cannot Use Move Tool In Play Mode

Thanks. I tried checking to see if this was reported already, but there have been so many bug reports lately that it must have gotten buried.

Thank you for the bug report. As mentioned in the other thread, it is intentional that the faster play solo beta disables most built-in plugins, including the draggers. This is one of its optimizations to make getting into the test mode faster. There will, of course, be a setting to reenable these plugins before the beta ships to full release. We appreciate any feedback you might have for which built-in plugins you use in test modes, and how you use them.

The FPS drop is very interesting. We haven’t seen anything like it internally. Does this happen in all places, or just one in particular?

I’m strangely unable to reproduce the framerate issue anymore, but even on a fresh baseplate I was noticing a consistent drop from 60 FPS to 50 FPS with the beta disabled vs. enabled. Will do more testing and follow up if I’m able to reproduce it again.

Here’s the setting we added to allow builtin plugins to be loaded in test mode. This change will be out next week. In the meantime turn off the Play Solo beta feature if you need to load built-in plugins.

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