[FEEDBACK] First "post-apocalyptic" theme build

Hey! :slight_smile:

As the title says, I need some feedback. It is my first build with the post-apo theme and I need to know your opinion. I’m leaving some screenshots. I would be grateful for any advice :smiley:

Time spent: 4h

I wanted to make it as much realistic, as it could be. Also, if you’re near some of the doors, you can hear people talking inside or some floor creaking, and of course, nature sounds in background.

Link for those interested: https://www.roblox.com/games/2984163851/Quarantine-Zone-Showcase


Love it!
The lightning and the landscape really fit in together, making it all very realistic. Amazing work.

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Am sorry but this looks like a google image sir I think no one can find nothing wrong with this it looks so Great… the detail is so good keep it up words can’t find at all.


I love the lighting in this build, it really sets the tone. The level of detail here is also amazing, there’s a perfect blend of greenery and wreckage.

I think one thing you can do is, atleast from what I’m seeing, you should probably turn down the blur in the game. Looking at the sidewalk, I feel like the blur makes it blinding to look at white-like colors. Another thing to look at is the windows. I think itd look more realistic with boarded up windows just to add to the wreckage.

Overall this build is outstanding, the small things noted are very niche and just some touch ups. Keep up the good work man!

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Thanks. I will try my best to fix these and make it even better.

Hi @AV3RR! I love your build, but I have two suggestions. On the greyish-blue building use a different texture, as I am almost absolutely sure that it is the same as the red building (if not, I still recommend changing the texture, to give more variation). My other suggestion is that your lamp posts are too perfect for a post-apocalyptic theme. Make the glass broken, or an entire post. Lastly, great job!

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Textures for every building are the same. I will change them soon.
I was thinking about broken lamp posts, surely I’ll do it.

Also, thanks for your advice.

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Welcome AV3RR!

This build looks great! Good job!

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I have no words… Its amazing!

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This is outstanding. It kinda brings me back to when I’m playing CoD Zombies. It’s just breathtaking.

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Astonishing. The colors and the lighting is amazing. Very realistic! 10/10

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You have done a very good job on this build. The muted colours are very dramatic, the lightning adds a great ambiance and the sounds give the construction a very natural and realistic feel. Well done on your build - this is a very impressive construction.

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First of all: welcome!

Your building looks amazing and so realistic. If you continue your skills like this you will be an amazing and maybe even a populair builder!

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Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:


Amazing work, I love it! Keep it up!

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Hey, thanks for your opinion. :man::ok_hand:

Looks very good, being a developer who’s making a post-apocalyptic game myself, you’ve already gone far with this build. I would make a few changes, mainly to add detail and realism.

  1. Instead of having the wires all look uniform, consider having wires on the ground, or curved differently.

  2. Street-lamps could learn slightly, it’s important when going for realism that things aren’t too uniform especially when close together.

  3. Adding an old concrete texture to the barriers improves the overall look a lot (you can source it for free on textures.com)

  4. Lower blurriness

That’s about it, really good build though.


Thank you for your advices. I’ll try them.