[FeedBack] Mochi japanese dessert

I am making Japanese dishes for a game and I don’t know if this dish looks good. I only need to put a wooden plate. :hugs:


The green mochi (matcha) doesn’t have filling because I thought that the matcha mochi won’t need it.


This looks decent considering it was done all with ROBLOX CSG. I would recommend looking into Blender, something like this would be a great beginner project, and will help you as you continue to develop future assets!

Tysm! I don’t know how to use blender but I will learn, ty again for the tip! :smile:

It’s always the first step that is the worst. I was completely lost in the beginning too but it just takes practice! You can for sure do this, and there are so many great tutorials/forums to help you along the way.

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All of these seem to have red bean filling, this is pretty good though. Maybe make the pink mochi a lighter pink or something then that would look better.

I thought the same but I wasn’t sure, I’ll change the color. :+1:

Awesome, but in normal Mochi (as I have eaten it before) the filling is either a darker color or a lighter color then the outside.

Overall pretty good, are they for a restaurant?

Yes they are well kind of, my friend is making the structure while I am making the dishes. I will change the color of the filling, tysm for the feedback! It helps me a lot :grin:

Awesome, your welcome. I currently am making a Japanese restaurant with those foods including Mochi. If you want inspiration then go ahead and check out my post here: Thoughts on my Food Models

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I made a remake. Here’s the link if anyone wants to see it. :smile:

Looking forward to eating it :yum:

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