[FEEDBACK] My practice of a cafe

Hello! I’ve been building for 2 and a half years. I’m currently 13 and trying to get amazing at building.

I need feedback, I made this cafe from my imagination and I want to see how I can improve!

Pictures of the cafe:


None of the inside is decorated as I’m not going to be using it and don’t know what to do with it. Might just add it to my portfolio!

Everything is 99.9% made by me (but the textures!)


I feel it looks like a modern cafe. Which you did a great job at. My one issue is if you can fit everyone inside if you group gets big. But the exterior design is top notch.


It’s designed to be a small cafe, but a second floor can be added!


Great. And you could even make the second floor a gamepass floor to earn some more robux if you would want. :slight_smile:


I like this cafe, i see a big potencial, also if u can try to show images of the interior would be amazing

Sadly, It’s not going to go to any use, unless I get hried to make one and I give them this or someone wants to buy it. :confused:

Hello there! I must say you a quite experienced at such a young age! I do have some opinions about the build though, firstly, the coloring. The coloring is very plain color, but I do think this color is very welcoming! I do have a example of a beach-type cafe that in my opinion is very nice! The picture will be down below as a “hide detail option”. My next opinion would be the trees. I think you should scale the trees too all different sizes, this will show you put more effort and time into the build and make it look overwhelmingly satisfying! My third opinion would be detail. The outside lacks some detail, I would suggest adding some potted plants or maybe some beach umbrellas. Lastly, the roofing would look 100 times better if you added some details like a chimney with smoke coming out, or even a ventilation system! Good work on this and good luck in your future as a builder! :rocket: :smiley:

*also please don’t make multiple responses to feedback as it can be classed as spam for cluttering the thread. It’s better to make one large response if you must respond.

Beach-Styled Cafe


Beach Umbrella

Roofing Example


It is oddly annoying that you, being thirteen, are much better than I was at your age! Well done on your café – it’s marvellous! The lighting, the colours, the level of detail… I don’t see much to improve upon… perhaps its size? Appears fairly small.


It’s very good! But very small if it gets popular then it will overfill just make it bigger!

I’m not keeping it I need offers.

I wasn’t planning on adding anything as in chairs, etc, due to me knowing that I would edit it and I feel as if, if I edit it to be much bigger and add a second floor I could sell (I know its against ToS but some people ask) for a large amount of robux.

Also so good to hear so much amazing feeback after I was told ‘All I can do is put a few hexagons together’

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Looks great! I have nothing negative to say about it, except for maybe the size as others had mentioned.


Selling a second floor or a vip floor is not against ToS, anything that is purchased on a third-party website is against ToS.

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I mean as in selling the cafe, this isn’t for my personal use it was a practice but then I kinda felt it’s too much to just sit in a game and be called a practice.

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Before I start, I’d like to let you know that I like the way this looks! From my experience building, while it’s nice to hear compliments, it’s more informative to hear things people would change, or imperfections they see.

With that out of the way, here’s a big 'ol list:

  • The first things that stuck out to me what how neutral it looked. There’s no character! Everything looks perfect, clean, safe. Add some imperfections, some dirt!
  • The second thing I noticed was the lighting. The sun rays are very strong, maybe tone them down a bit?
  • The boards are all uniform. Look at an actual wooden deck, the boards are all imperfect, different lengths, some have holes, others aren’t straight, and there might be some scary gaps! Maybe a different texture as well? Also, the boards seem way too thin, especially for what they’re supporting.
  • The building itself seems very… Flat. Maybe some more drastic height differences would help with this? An AC unit on top and exposed cooling pipes that lead to vents inside might also help with the aesthetic I think you’re going for.

  • The gray brick pillars should probably go through the boards, as I’d imagine they’d be supporting a lot of the weight of the place, not just the deck. (Remember, in real life the hole for the pillars would be a bit larger, and you would see a little gap)
  • The smaller islands seem like they need a little bit of love, it looks like it’s just the same model. A bit of variation would be nice.
  • The logo in the front, in my opinion, would look better if you made it painted onto the wood, like this:

  • The railing seems kind of weird… Looks flimsy, it doesn’t inspire much trust that I won’t fall into the water… Maybe space it out a bit more, thicken up the posts, and switch the rope to look more like hemp rope?
  • The building itself seems a little close to the water
  • The ocean is beautiful, why not put some benches outside so people can look at it?
  • Maybe add a dock with a jetski and a boat or two?
  • Maybe add some grass? Especially on the smaller islands, where people wouldn’t be cutting it. If you want truly natural looking patterns I recommend the Brushtool plugin.

looks good, what about the interior?

I will keep them points in mind for when I build another cafe. (Probably tomorrow!) Thank you for telling me what I can improve in! <3

Looks very nice and i really like the lightning, it makes it look calm.

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It very Well made, i really like how you make floating in water, Great job.

Hey Iconicfanny!

My Opinion

Absolutely strong and grounded foundation of studio. It is clear that you has a strong grasp of the basics, and an admirable use of lighting. The build has a lot of what many builders on the platform overlook, consistency and aesthetic simplicity. I love it, it’s not trying to be something it’s not.


  • Consistent Design
  • Effective use of meshes
  • Good foundational lighting atmosphere
  • Colors blend and harmonize


  • Effort, I’m looking at the islands near the back, and they’re clearly copy and pasted. I wish you’d make different shapes with the same models in order to create a more unique shape and environment.

  • The mesh on the pier, the milkshake cup mesh. I’d define it a lot more so it is more recognizable to the player that it represents a drink cup, there’d be absolutely no mistaking it. Right now it is slightly ambiguous.

  • Variability in colors, the tops of the grass and palm leaves, differ the color strands with a lighter and darker hue, this’ll add loads of contrast.

(These are all my suggestions and input, take what you need. You’re the builder, I’m just trying to clarify your vision and polish it)


You’re doing exceptionally well for your age. When I was your age I was still working on very primitive building and learning roblox’s studio keybinds. Keep at it, you’re going places.

Thanks for reading!

Hope this helped, can’t wait to see what you’ll post next!