Feedback needed on my street light

Hi! Recently, when I was working on my city game, I had the idea of making a streetlight.

Here it is:

Please tell me what you like about it and how I can improve on it. Thank you for your patience!


Hello👋🏽 @LiljayGamer_X! Good🍀luck on your city game and everything looks fine on the streetlight except…

-Firstly, these are two different materials, the whole thing should be the same material aside from the light source of course

-Secondly, why is there a solar panel on the streetlight? It looks a bit odd in my opinion… Maybe try making a solar panel texture instead.

Good luck🍀on your city game again!

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That’s the problem. All my materials but the light source are metal. But somehow, the handle looks more shiny than the rest.

By the way, that’s usually how I see some street lights designed.
image Still, thanks for feedback!