Feedback on my city so far (buildings not yet added)

Hey guys! Recently, I was working on a city game. For the electric poles and traffic signals, I used a plugin. ROAD ACCESSORIES - POWER LINES UPDATE - Roblox.

(the transparent blocks are sensors for the signals. They are not visible in-game.)

I also made my own streetlight for it, but it’s in another topic:

Now it’s not public because I’m not finished yet but I want feedback on what you like about it or how I can make it look better.

How does the roadwork look so far?
  • Great work. Looking good
  • I like it. Keep it up
  • It’s ok.
  • Nice but maybe needs some improvement.

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Disclaimer and Reminder: I did not make the plugin. Also buildings are coming soon.


The roads look good. Doesn’t look like a city rn without buildings, but obviously those will be added later.


You’re right. I’m planning to add the buildings after I’m done with all the roadwork, but thanks for the feedback!


Also made my own traffic signals: [Feedback Needed] A (very simple) traffic light