Feedback on a Drawing I made

After getting feedback on a different drawing…

I wanted to get some feedback on a new drawing! My style has changed a bit.

Thank you for all the feedback!


I feel like there’s so much I need to improve upon…


The lighting is pretty off. The butterfly in front of her should be emitting light, reducing the sudden darkness on the top of her. The butterfly on the far left should also be emmiting light.

Her foot doesn’t looks like it’s visible due to the fact that the leg/shin isn’t being pushed up a little bit.

Her chest should be effected by gravity and the clothing could use some wrinkles and shading.

@R0syTeq. Is she laying on a platform of some sort? With how the drawing is angled, I don’t believe it’s possible for the lower right butterfly to be there.

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They are, it’s just subtle. They’re supposed to be a little bit farther away from her.


Thanks for the feedback! It really helps ^^

Edit: wdym about the leg?

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Oh! I thought the size of the butterfly’s were different sizes. :stuck_out_tongue:

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id say remove the bottom butterflys and the rest is good

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and add the heel of the foot to the one leg without a foot
like the back and to show that a foots there


Ahh I see how you could see that. My bad TwT

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and make the face less like the painting from it shivers

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Ohhh ok! Thanks!

I did kind of feel like the back leg looked a bit off.

Thanks for replying!

its the smile nvm just the smile

What do you mean? Im confused lol

Edit: ohh ok

u know momo the mouth give me that vibes

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Haha ok. Sorry bout that.

Thanks for the feedback!

np glad to help, i collect antique art so thought id give my opinion. overall its a very good drawing 10101010110x better then i could do i just do stick men.


OoOoo antique art?! Cool!

Also, I bet your art skills are great :wink:

She’s laying on a platform.

And yeah I see why her chest looks off TwT

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I’d probably highlight the fact that she is on a platform by adding more lights in or moving some closer then.

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Ok! Thank you!

Would removing the bottom butterflies help as well?

No, that’s the opposite of what I’d like you to do. Adding more of them can lighten the platform, which will show viewers that she isn’t floating.

I did a poor job at explaining the thing below me, but the little “aura” around the butterflies is a bit unrealistic. Changing it so it follows the general shape of the butterflies would look better.

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Ahh ok! I see what you mean, thanks soo much!

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