Feedback on Defeat Screen UI

Everything apart from the font is created by me.



[Addition to Feedback on Victory screen UI]


I actually like your UI.
It’s very appealing in my honest opinion.
I love how you’ve implemented emeralds, spider webs, and cracks which is a pretty good touch.
Your UI definitely has an ancient era look to it, and I love it.
Behind the main UI, I think if you add maybe like an ancient scroll decal in the back it would also look pretty good as well.


Nice UI! This looks really good I like how it comes together very well I would suggest that

  • You make the banner a bit more round just a little more rounded so it don’t have little points in it.

  • Also the emeralds are those cracks on the emeralds? If not it should be removed to make it a bit nicer

Other than that nice job👍


The only thing that sticks out to me is that there’s a bunch of shadowing on the banner and on the shield’s framing, but the banner isn’t casting any shadow on the shield. I think you should add at least a slight soft shadow from it.


Good as always. This looks similar to your victory UI and I just love it. If the theme is a castle genre, it is looking great. :wink:

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the word defeat has a neutral color, id rather use a color like red, which shows actual defeat. also the word itself seems a little dark and hard to see

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Nice work @PandaPb. I really like the consistent colour palette you’ve used in this UI. The drop shadow suggested by @stravant is also a great addition.

Distracting Threads

I think the seven threads of cloth hanging from the banner just above the “Retry” button are slightly distracting and make the banner look asymmetrical. With the banner in a clear state of decay, I think it’s also unlikely that only this part of the banner would be unraveled.

I think if you were distribute the threads more evenly across the banner or add additional threads elsewhere, it would help to reinforce the idea that the banner is falling apart without directing too much attention to any particular point.

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Is this better?

@Zabazz - I chose the greyish colour to match the grey banner that is enveloping the shield as in the victory UI those two match.

Not trying to be nitpicky or anything but the 2 emeralds, especially the lower one, doesn’t feel like its embedded into the plaque. Along with the lower emerald, it looks off compared to the top emerald.

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This UI actually looks really nice, and has a styling that is very appealing to the eye. The only thing I’d change from an appearance standpoint is add some of the chips, like the ones on the letters in the word “Defeat” to the “Retry” and “Quit” text.

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Sorry if this is off-topic but what font is that?

I do love the GUI you made, the colors, shape, and font all look amazing.

Your GUIs are very good. Why not to add some swords in the upper corners that mean the player has been defeated?

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I think you could do a bright white and it would still look good


This is very good, however try making the emerald a blood red gem, ruby for example. As it’s a failure GUI, other than that. It looks excellent.
I love the spider web in the corner and the darker look works well compared to your victory giving a subtle yet easy way to differentiate the two very quickly.

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