Feedback on dining room (2)

Earlier this day I made a post asking for feedback on a FNAF fan game I’m making. I’ve read criticism and upgraded my building.



Post I made earlier today:

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Cool Build dude

you should add
Plates or vases
change the color of chairs or the floor because the chair is kinda invisible due to matching colors with the floor

anyways good job keep it up

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Thanks, I forgot to write I was gonna add things on the tables, I linked my previous post without mentioning of things that will come. The red thing around the tables will be gone, it was used for measuring.

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On Wednesday I plan to make it public temporarily.

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In restaurants have you ever had those triangles which show things like deserts meals. I’ll check if when restaurants close for the night if they put plates on tables.

Hi, recently the game has been made public, if you want to see how the dinning room is, while it’s not finished, you can still see the progress. New post