Feedback on game's progress (WIP)


It has been 3 months of developement and finally the testing phase is out!
You might be confused by what I just said but, basically, I made a fnaf fan game based around comedy.

While it is not finished, I wanted to get feedback from people.

Game link:
Five Nights At cool boy’s [DEMO]

There is more about the project in the game description.
So please read it and focus (while playing) on the code experience (how the game plays).
Feedback is appreciated.

Thanks for reading!

Edit: My bad for not laying the mechanics out.
cool boy: he will usually go from his room to the stage, dance then go to your left office door.
epic boy: he will usually go in the vents, use the vent detectors or try to hear him.
sun screen man: In your office, turn to your left, click on he bottles, click in the vent, then click on the table and go back to your office.

I left a paper that I will now write « Instructions » on it.

Also I added some commands:


/Jump:cool → Jumpscare from cool boy
/Jump:epic → Jumpscare from epic boy
/Jump:sun → Jumpscare from sunscreen man
/Rain → Makes it rainy outside. There’s also random chances of it already rainning.

Mechanics in video form:

cool boy

robloxapp-20210604-1745091.wmv (560.1 KB)
You can also press Q to close/open the door.

epic boy

robloxapp-20210604-1745306.wmv (552.3 KB)
You can also press E to close/open the door.

sunscreen man

robloxapp-20210604-1745522.wmv (1.7 MB)

Edit 2: I reccomend you read the comments as I leave updates.


Woah!! this is really cool, you should probably instead of FNACB (cool boys) add some mosters man, but other than that this pretty cold :cold_face:


moster man I like that, I plan to add more characters and a sequel (once I finish this game and other projects). I alr have some ideas but moster man sounds good.


I really can’t wait for the full game.


I am suprised this post hasn’t gotten lots of views.


Hope the game goes good man! :happy1:


Thanks! As of now it has a good rating, my only problem is since my group is small it doesn’t get much attention. I usually ask to share with friends.


Hey this is really cool to see a fnaf game on roblox and its good! However I do have a little idea of things you could fix. First you when you die it just starts the credits, instead it should have try again button of some sorts. Also for the credits once they finished it just didn’t go back to the screen. Other than that this is a good fnaf fan game.


I really think the credits should be changed, it was a bit hard doing that, I might ask on the Forum how I can improve, a restart button is a great idea, I would also add other things like donations and clothing.


Dear god this is so well made

I will still have nightmares though :sob:


Oh gosh I’m terrible at this…

Cool game!

One question: Where is my office on the map?

My gosh I’ve died to the same one three times and I still have no clue what to do… (ok 4 now wut)

Where is phone guy when you need him

There needs to be a tutorial of sorts, I’ve died to the same person 10 times now…


This is really well made, and overall the game layout is very clean and organised. The only thing I’m not sure about is the monster NPC. It’s not really scary, and it looks a bit odd.


I think I might have boosted the AI too far, for instructions on your left of your office, you have a paper, click it for information.

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Okay, this makes much more sense now. I would recommend a little icon on the paper to let you know that you can use it as a tutorial.

Played again, didn’t die to the same guy (I think it was sunscreen man lol)


Yep doing this now as this was dumb of me to do this.

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As of now I didn’t record myself yet, I will soon. So for now we have the paper. I’ll keep the paper when the phone man is out still if people don’t want to listen to me.

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Alright, I won! It took about an hour of gameplay, but I finally did it. It was a great game overall, I quite liked it in fact. The only thing that confused me was that the guy on Cam 5 did absolutely nothing for the entire game. That was it, though. I had an extremely close call near the end, where (I think it was cool guy) was sprinting towards the door on the left, and I actually saw him not on cams and slammed the door shut last second. This is a great game, and I am excited to see it progress forwards in development.

The person I kept dying to was sunscreen man lol


I’m glad you liked it, the guy in Cam5 is just a funny Easter egg, as of now I didn’t position cam5 yet, I will soon.

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That cool and u should add a mechanic again, I’d say that 9.5/10.
Keep it up developer!


There will be a new character in Night 2 of the full game :).

Oh btw I will try to do something with epic boy, so he will basically slowly walk in front of your office, flashing the light on him (click the button or pressing W) he will stop. But watch out, our new character is stopped by the light, epic boy is slowed by it, so use it carefully, as it has a cooldown…

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