Feedback on game MonoView

Recently, I and my friend have been creating this game called MonoView
[obviously, the name isn’t fully clear to us]

It is sort of inspired by the game Nullxiety by: @Nullxiety
except, less horror , easier , and more modern

We are not amazing scripters/builders so please excuse our lack of knowledge, we are asking for constructive criticism and feedback about our creation.

Please do mind this is NOT FINISHED, we just would like feedback.

we have been mainly focusing on our scripting instead of building so we have a layout, so again, UNFINISHED
All of our work is by us, open-source code was used correctly and safely


Very Good work, I would recommend some dark lighting to add to the atmosphere and a unique font for the text but other than that it looks great! Keep up the good work!

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Looks great but I think that the text box takes up a little too much room on the screen, try making it a little smaller.

I think you are right, any suggestions where on the screen to place it?
Also its because Roblox studio covers screen, actually is bigger in person

The text animation could be faster, other than that, I’d love to see the game when it’s out :slight_smile:

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