Feedback on low poly Police Station

Hi there! So lately i have been working on a low poly Police Station (Exterior). And i am in need of some feedback, and points i can improve my building on.

Here are some images of the build.

Here is the link if you’d like to get an even closer look of the building.


The doors and windows look very similar. I would try to make the door stand out/be different than the windows.


The police station looks good, the windows looks good but in my opinion it has to be even bigger and add more windows and also some doors maybe ?
Because it looks way too small for a police station, take an example from jailbreak’s police station.


I have changed the reflectance on the door, just like you suggested. Image -

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Maybe add a logo on the building

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First of all, thanks for the suggestion. I’ll see what i can change.

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No problem, and also consider adding some stairways under the main door, it might look better.

I like how it’s coming along! It’s very cartoony and fun.
Here are some of my suggestions as to how you can improve on it. I hope you find them helpful!


The building in general is very large compared to a standard Roblox character. This is especially noticeable at the doors, where you can see that the player doesn’t even reach half the door’s height. Shrinking the build a bit would be a good way of making the proportions more to scale, while also keeping that cartoony style.

Door Frame Colour

Something I noticed while working around the Police Station is that the door and window frames at the back of the building are a different colour to the frames seen elsewhere. I don’t think the light grey colour works quite as well as the darker tone. Choosing the same colour for all of the external frames should also help keep the colour scheme cohesive.

Added Detail

Other than the police sign on the roof, there’s not really any features distinguishing the Police Station from any other building. I noticed the helicopter pad on the roof but I imagine this would be seldom seen by the player. As such, I’d suggest adding some additional detail around the building, such as a sign with a police badge on it, a flag or even some “Wanted” posters.


In order to stay consistent with the “low poly” feel, I’d advise you fix this portion.

Convert the cylindrical pieces into something with less sides such as a hexagon or an octagon.


It makes no sense to have the entire build be blocky and then suddenly have super rounded parts in select areas.

The bricks are not aligned properly here


First of all, great feedback. I have fixed the scale of the building to a more realistic one. I’ll also work on the decoration lack.


I already had my doubts about that piece. I have changed it to an more blocky style, it should be a lot better now.

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Uploading: image.png…
Yeah, cylinder here should also be converted to the blocky style

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I will definitely take a look at it

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I like it.

The unique window/door pattern is definitely something I haven’t seen before…in a good way!

I think the detail is a little dull but with some cartoonish lighting effects this should look great!

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First of all, thanks for the feedback. I have tryed to make an more cartoonish environment. This is the result
Images -

I think it looks good but some lighting could really help it pop out.

Check out this thread for more information:

I will definitely take a look at it, once i am going to start with the decoration.

Your “Low Poly Police Station” is very amazing, like how you added the color scheme white color/ blue color to the place to look more better, as well the details. That’s implemented to the police station! However there is a couple of things i’ll add to your, low poly build so it could look. More detailed and improved a lot more overall. However i know your just, working on the (Exterior) overall. You have done a decent job on your build!

Police Station
Your low poly station is very detailed. However there seems to be things missing on your station, as for the ones in real life they! Mostly have “Police Station Sign” connecting, on the side of the building or on the front of the. Building next to the door part try implementing something like that! Onto your build so it could look more, better and as well if you plan, on adding some land you could add one. One of those american flags, vernon hills flags, ect. In front of the building or implemented one of them onto your build! You could maybe add one of those, just to make it look more improved as well try. Adding some Street Lights, Location Number, Landing Pad, ect. On top of your station or try adding some of those! In the back of your station if you plan on, doing that i would recommend you add, some of those to your station so it could look. More decent overall you have done a, amazing job on your station! I believe those details can. Help your station!!

Alright so your (Police Station) needs some kind of vegetation if you plan on adding land i would recommend you add some bushes, bollards, plants, trees, street lights, ceiling lights, ect. Those are the kind of details your station, needs so it could look more decent! Only if you plan on adding land then you could add. Those details to your police station however, you should implement some hanging, lights by the door piece and some underneath. The awning part which are called “Elegant Lighting RE318” try adding some of, those only under the awning. And your police station needs some! Police cars Ford Crown Victoria, Chevrolet Suburban, Ford Utility Interceptor, those are what police stations need. So they can pull people over. And if your going off a reference image that’s, really good to get inspiration! Which is good.


I really like how your going off a reference image, (Correct Me If I’m Wrong) and i think it looks really good and, as i said above try adding some street lights, flags, cars, landing pad, to the inside part so it could look more detailed as, well the police cars If you plan on adding details those. Are what you need
here is a couple, of things i’ll add so your Police Station so it could! Look more better and improved a lot more like. Overall you’ve done a, decent job on your station!!

Exterior Decorations

  • Street Lights, Flags, Landing Pad & Hanging Lights
  • Police Sign, Police Logo, Bollards, & Parking Lots
  • Handicap Sign, Bushes, Trees, Plants Flowers
  • Police Cars, Helicopter, Location Number & American Flags
  • Building Lights, Air Vents, Security Cameras, Metal Entrance Gates

Overall, you have done amazing job on your station so far these. Are just some details your low poly station needs. In the front of the building and on the land/building! However i believe it’s still being worked on, can’t wait to see more of. Your work very soon and the different, details you add to your station, anyways nicely done on it “Low Poly Police Station”. Hope to see you improve it some more keep it up!! Hope you finish up the reference image.

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This is outstanding advice! I will make use of it, and ill update the topic once its done. ( And yes this is made using a reference image.)

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The colors and overall style fit well together. I’d recommend some more barred (jail?) windows on the side - maybe one or two more.

I’d recommend using smooth plastic or glass for all the windows, and the helipad, while obviously being meant for a cartoonish style, doesn’t really make sense being so small.

Some gas tanks would look good on the back or on the side, or maybe a fusebox.

I’d recommend adding something on 1st story roof - maybe some AC units.

Your build is also really square - low poly does’t have to mean straight edges! Maybe a few rounded corners would help with the cartoonish simple design you’re going for.

Some greenery, like bushes or shrubs might liven the place up a bit. Why not use the trees you have on the corner of the baseplate?

Oh, and there’s a little bit of z-fighting under the front door frame, right where the top of the window meets the metal.

The colors do look good for the eye, but the 2nd story should be moved to the middle of the building - there probably wouldn’t be a ladder in the reception room! I like this build as-is, though. These are all just supplementary things I think you could add.

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